Trebarwith is Magical

If you are ever lucky enough to venture to North Cornwall, make sure Trebarwith Strand, Tintagel is on your travel bucketlist.

This unique and absolutely stunning area of the coastline is one of my favourite places to spend with family and friends, watching the sunset over the famous Gull Rock (its unique standout ) and having a glass of wine at The Port William Inn.

Tourists, locals and photographers alike flock here all year round to take in its beauty and get that perfect shot we all crave!

I love sitting on the rocks and just breathing the fresh air and contemplating life and love and the future. You get a real sense of mother nature here, you get to feel its power (sorry if i sound all mystical and spiritual but when you come here you will feel it too) and it is my idea of “being in the moment”.

One time me and my fiancee took a bottle of wine and some grapes and sat and enjoyed the sunset until it got cold (must do this again soon)

Every single day here is unique. Usually with sunsets and landscapes they can be a bit “same old” but every one here changes and takes on a life of its own.

I have managed to collect some of my favourite shots here at Trebarwith, each from my personal perspective. Each with various cameras and also smartphone cameras. I believe its not the equipment you have its how you use it and create it!

Have you been here? Have you got a place you like to go to ponder life and enjoy good company? Id love to hear it.

Here on my blog i will continue to post my snaps  – Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think (all constructive criticism or any thoughts encouraged)

I have started a gallery of Trebarwith as a side link on my home page so make sure you keep checking them out 🙂





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