Valentines is Overrated

Says she who is in a very happy romance………

I have never understood why only ONE day out of 365 the world celebrates their significant other and on that ONE day you give them all the love and care and attention and gifts …..then ……. ITS OVER 

 The entire day is entirely made up and i am sure it is just an economical ploy.

Why on earth do we spend so much money on valentines? I couldn’t think of anything worse than spending money on a card (which gets thrown away anyway right?or recycled i hope) writing little love notes when already all year round i whisper sweet nothings in his ear e.t.c. and vice versa?

Me and my fiancee give each other gifts all year round. We both treat each other often, whether it be materialistic or a simple day/meal out. We both give each other constant respect and love (cheesy ha)

We do not do Valentines as a couple as to US personally we see it as just another day to show each other how connected we are (again cheesy sorry) so it wouldn’t be any different to what we would normally do.

Of Course…….

In my teenage years i was a giggly school girl. YES i used to blush and send cards and have a quick snog whilst everyone surrounded you and laughed.

It was amusing among my friends because back then it was just a day to crush even MORE on that boy/girl (i don’t judge)


I completely respect and have nothing against people who LOVE valentines and get involved.  I understand people work hard and have busy lives, so they want valentines to be a day of feeling good and also release stress (that might have come out wrong…oops!)

I also understand that single people have just as much of a hard time without Valentines Day putting pressure on them, social media is the worst for making singles feel worthless (another reason i dont like this day)

What are your thoughts on valentines? I am always interested in peoples opinions and experiences with this seems me and my fiancee are the odd ones out. Other couples we know at least send a card to one another. Would love to hear from you.


Myself and Lee on most days!  I asked his permission before uploading!

I also should add on Sunday 14th February me and the other half will be dining out ( at the restaurant we work at) AND  having a bottle of wine, for the simple fact we were given a night off AT THE WEEKEND ( YES!!!) and the Menu looked delicious…….not being a hypocrite i swear.


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