A Taste of Italy

“Vivere galleria d’arte”

ITALY- Popularly known as “The Living Gallery” ( beautiful translation above) 

Wining and Dining on exotic and romantic cuisine, Rolling Tuscan hills at Sunset, Sun-soaked landscapes, Sparkling Seas, Unparalleled and Vibrant Coffee Culture, Unforgettable Moments, Historical and Architectural Masterpiece, Beautiful People, Beautiful Language and Beautiful Surroundings………….Sounds like pure bliss no?

I was just describing our Italian Adventure back in October 2015.

I am in love with the Italians (don’t tell Lee haha) lifestyle. I am in love with their LIFESTYLE. Honestly? the ONE destination we will always return to throughout our lives. In fact this country has EVERYTHING you could possibly desire when it comes to a getaway.

I’ve decided not to talk too much on this post, instead give you a SAMPLE of what Italy has to offer, through some holiday snaps.

We planned our ENTIRE 2 week itinerary

We started at Milan, Fashion Capital of the World


Zigzagging our way down to the Romance Capital of Rome.


Stopping off at the stunning and awe inspiring Cinque Terre (translates to “Five Lands”) in-between on the Ligurian Coast (more on my experience at this destination coming soon)

Quick stop at Lucca (famous for its intact Renaissance-era city walls)   we cycled around the entire city

   And of course Florence

Consumed much food….and wine


Are you interested in hearing how much money we both spent individually on a jam packed and completely indulgent 2 weeks, with 5 destinations and about 10 transport links AND including ALL spending money? £875 Per person,give or take a few depending on how much food and wine you consume….we had daily wine…….haha. We could of course have spent a little less than this….. but this was our first holiday abroad together after 6 years of being together and when you have had a long hard summer dealing with the general public for 12+ hours a day on your feet 5/6 days a week……….. you have to live life with a bit of luxury once in a while!

Special Thanks to Mark Smith who helped us plan our first holiday, the best adviser to help newbie travelers navigate and budget their way through Europe! Without this fellow travelers highly experienced knowledge we would not of been well prepared or organised!

I will finish off by giving you 2 tips whilst travelling Italy/Europe!

  1. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF Airbnb (worldwide)cheap home from home accommodation where you have full control of how private or social you want to be.


I hope you enjoyed my Taste of Italy. If you have explored Italy, id love to know where you have been and what you loved most about the Italian way of life:)

I am so excited to share MORE Italian adventures with you in the future, along with some travel tips and tricks of keeping safe AND hygienic out there! Oh yes i have some funny stories involving using public toilets (do not recommend) always carry wet-wipes, pocket tissues and antibacterial gel!!





5 thoughts on “A Taste of Italy

  1. We’re going there for one week on our trip to Europe in May and can’t wait! This post got me so excited 🙂 the sightseeing alone is gorgeous! Do you mind if I ask, what kind of camera do you use to get those quality shots?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Lovely to hear from you! Eeek, you are going to LOVE IT so excited for you! We plan to do the southern part of Italy next year….another 2 week adventure 🙂 all pics of Italy were taken on my Xperia Z1 compact smartphone! Never underestimate the camera you have on you lol.I now have the iphone6s which is incredible for photos:)


      1. Wow I think you’ve actually just saved me a lot of money. I didn’t even think of using my phone lol silly! Lucky my boyfriend has an iphone 6 so we can take his! Thanks so much for this tip actually ❤
        Do you have another tip planned for this year?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Using our smartphones is so much more convenient especially if you want to travel light whilst strolling around and exploring without worrying about hauling a camera bag on your shoulder. 🙂 happy I could help. Look forward to hearing about your travels

        Liked by 1 person

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