Coffee Is Life

Ah Coffee…… “Life in a Cup” i like to call it.

Anybody who personally knows me, will know how coffee plays apart of my daily life.

I think i was 13 when i tried my first cup of standard instant coffee, i remember thinking “this is revolting” and could never understand why adults drank the stuff.

Now my relationship with coffee has evolved into a “very strong” but “smooth“(that’s how i like my cup )   desirable affair.

I do not remember exactly when i began to like coffee, but it definitely started later in life around the age of 17 when I was in 6th form. Back then it was just cheap and instant and probably from various button press machines into a plastic throw away cup…….(cringe)

Now I’m what you call a “snob” when it comes to my cup of delicious caffeine. I WILL NOT accept anything than REAL coffee.

By REAL coffee, I mean coffee from beans that needs to be ground by a bean grinding machine on site. The bean has to be either 100% Arabica or a 70/40 percentage of both Robusta and Arabica (the most dominant the latter) Steamed milk has to be of correct temperatures based on what coffee I actually ordered. This is such an important part of the process as you can easily burn the milk and this in turn ruins the pour and quality of the espresso.

My favourite is The Flat White, milk at 55 degrees celcius, in a 70z cup usually. The perfect ratio of smooth microfoam (I could be more geeky with my coffee vocabulary but I’ll keep it to a minimum for now.)and a double shot Ristretto (shorter and smooth espresso) basically a short strong and creamy caffeine hit! I often find myself just wanting a classic Americano…. If there is no Crema ( the creamy coloured layer on top created by the pour of the espresso) I will be thoroughly disappointed and my coffee break will be ruined. Click Here for a really cool link to all the different varieties of coffee and how they are made! (Incase you were curious)

You might say I’m being too fussy ,too particular, however I believe Coffee is an Art you have to love it, taste it,smell it and feel it.

Coffee ignites all those senses for me.

I am not the only one who is very snobby when it comes to their cup of coffee…… For people worldwide coffee has become such an integral part of their lives that when they get that perfect hit, it can mean the difference between a good day and a really really good day!

I don’t drink coffee for the caffeine highs and hits. Not like the majority of the population because it gives them a boost of energy. In fact, I have no desire for caffeine, I do not crave it. I do not drink for that afternoon/morning BUZZ that others so crave to make their day that little bit more bearable.  I just really really Really LOVE the taste, it’s naturally satisfying for me.

The restaurant I work in has a small professional machine and ever since having a days barista training down at Cornish Coffee headquarters have enjoyed learning the basics of latte art (Rosetta almost perfected) basic bean knowledge and origins and how to adjust the grinder (very important process for quality espresso pour) Here are some of my attempts:

    It’s a social right to be sipping on coffee whilst gossiping and philosophizing life and love ! Coffee is a Culture of its own and I love being apart of it.

Some benefits to drinking coffee IN MODERATION below


You will find me in local coffee haunts and cafes (and not so local), soaking up the day and enjoying good company with a cup of my favourite in hand and a camera in the other! I love to post about new  places I have been to and discovering great coffee and unique and charming cafes.

This has been a little insight into my coffee adoration. I will continue to post related coffee posts and my cafe ventures and everything in between.

What does coffee mean to you? I’d love to hear any recommendations you may have on good coffee beans for my Italian bean to cup machine that I have at home!


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