Pursuit of Happiness…

It’s difficult to define Happiness….

Many people seek happiness in lots of different ways….to be able to define it is not always simple. We all have differing needs and desires in life.

For some its got Materialistic value such as a brand new car, a watch, a piece of jewelry or the latest gadget and gizmo…..for me there is no true happiness in these things, i see these as momentary joy and the feeling soon fades, but i do still appreciate their existence of course.

Many Find happiness within their work. Feeling accomplished in the workplace. Feeling at the end of the day you have made a difference, or you may have been super organised that day and got things done on time. Sometimes happiness can shine through the mundane tasks like this. I remember one time at the hotel/ restaurant i work at feeling happy with myself when i took a reservation for a room over the telephone with absolute professionalism and precision and the customer on the end of the phone thanked me for being so helpful……..this sounds like such a SMALL insignificant scenario, however i take pride in the little moments like this. Little Moments that give you just a little lift and can set the tone for the rest of the day.

 I love how our emotional responses are unique within ourselves and unique to the individual and to the circumstance which you are in.

To be able to define happiness in just one way is almost impossible. In fact, i would have to write an entire book in order for me to express what happiness means to me. Instead i have decided to give you my TOP 5 List of What makes me happy RIGHT NOW……i say it like this because right now i have 5 constants in my life….5 constant things that make me happy….. this will never change…………..and also in NO PARTICULAR ORDER

  • My Mum, My Sisters and My Nieces- i wont say much (because words aren’t enough) but what i will say is how incredibly lucky and i am to have them in my life. They dont live near, but the time spent with them i truly cherish. A home cooked meal, these people and a good gossip and laugh. Whenever i see my nieces beautiful faces they literally make me smile inside and out. My sisters are beautiful people and though we all went through a past full of traumatic memories, we came out all right ! My Mum…..well shes a beautiful,strong woman who has literally been through hell and back both physically and mentally and i love her, i love them all.
  • Lee, my future husband – My best friend, my lover, my partner, future father to my children. He is my everything. I am the luckiest girl alive to have a man who loves me like he does, so passionately and respectively. Who has the kindest heart of anyone you will meet, hes a gentleman through and through. Brought up with the best morals and an awesome I feel truly blessed to be with this man ( hes my only REAL adult relationship, past people i have been with were not relationships….certainly not what i call them anyway)

DSC_0025 DSC_0140this is happiness to me, Lee, fresh air and nature 🙂

  • Comfortable Living – yes i really am grateful and happy i have a job, full time……in hospitality……all year round…..IN CORNWALL of all places! It can be tough living down south…however i have a roof over my head….an affordable roof over my head i might add. No matter how stressful and time consuming my job is(like many others) i am content.  I have a Car!!! so happy i have one as there is literally no real living without one when you live in Cornwall….you can say goodbye to public transport,freedom,independence and food shopping if you do not have one aha! I do not take money for granted and when there are people homeless and starving all over the world i can appreciate the money i do have and be grateful for the comfortable life we have built. I never overspend on ridiculous things, i live within my means and splurge when i am able to as i believe you need a good balance of just living and actually LIVING. Yes i actually work here



  • Country Living- Well what can i say i love the country. The fresh air. The Space to breathe walk and drive without fear of being suffocated in fumes and dirt….well, you will get the smell of fresh manure and muddy narrow roads but i can deal with that. I love the coastal walks on my doorstep in the literal sense.There is a sense of freedom in the country that you just cannot get with living in the big towns and cities. I can go for a stroll outside without worrying about another persons presence, but i might get pooped on by seagulls at the same time. I can look outside and there wont be towers or run down estates, but i do have quaint houses with a field or sea view. I can walk down the street and not feel intimidated and fear my belongings, instead i might pass a friendly local with the local gossip or just a simple SMILE. Those are just a few of the perks that make me happy about living in the country. This will not change.


  • Photography- keeps me dreaming. Keeps me creatively minded. Keeps me grounded. Whether its my DSLR or my iphone6s, capturing life, nature and everything i see is My Happiness. I am extremely new to photography and although i have the eye i am still on my photography journey. Still learning and loving it all at the same time.


My idea of Happiness will always evolve and change over the timeline of my life, for instance when i begin my journey to parenthood and other life events e.t.c.


Do you have constants in your life?  Where does your happiness in life lay?? As always id love to hear your insights 🙂



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