A Typical Day Off…..

I love a day off….to do the things that I want to do.

I am a natural introvert (slightly). I love days spent inside, watching Netflix and gaming on PlayStation with the other half and not having to make any particular plans to please others. I do not have a big social life.And i am happy with that. I am more than happy with that. I enjoy my own company, i enjoy being in the company of close friends and family too.    I love to go out just as much.

 When i say “go out” i do not mean to the pub/club and get drunk (like i USED to,  have now given up heavy partying now) what i mean is that i like to venture out and be with quality company in a picturesque setting and do lunch dates, coffee dates and long walks e.t.c. I like the more sophisticated approach to socializing now. Glass of wine…sure 🙂 (well…. i am seeking that lifestyle after all)

 In my free time i like to be exploring new places, hiking and walking beautiful landscapes, coffee in one hand camera in the other, and surrounding myself with like minded people.

I  like to do a lot of things (weather permitting) both active and lazy. I generally just “go with the flow” when i have free time but as long as i have made time and effort to see my family and catch up with certain people, my day off has been a success.

Today was an exceptionally good day to go out. My company was myself and i was happy with that as i get to think. I think a lot. Mostly i internalize my thoughts. I want to slowly change that through this blog and also through my photography journey 🙂

Here is a typical day off in pictures. Hopefully they speak for themselves…….

Lonesome Stroll in Boscastle. It was so warm out there today just stunning!

Then i stopped off for Coffee because coffee is always needed….@ The Riverside Restaurant 

Double Shot Latte- has to be done

Then i finished off with a lager shandy and a sunset to die for

Trebarwith Strand- Sunset 23rd Feb 16

OK so not all days off are spent like this but i try and make it happen as often as possible and you don’t have to spend a penny when you have all this on your doorstep!

I hope you have enjoyed my typical day off. What is it you do in your free time? 


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