My Little Home Box – Unboxed

As promised I opened up My Little Home Box  with much excitement, anticipation and much curiosity. It’s like being a child on Christmas morning! When I signed up for My Little Box I was asked to answer a survey asking me about my personal skin,health,hair,fashion needs so that each month they can tailor the contents of the box around ME, I think this is a fantastic touch and definitely makes your box unique to yourself!

It’s a cute arty illustrated box (French and petit) and inside was a neatly tied ribbon around a reversible cushion cover, pastel in colour and CUTE (seen in featured image). A CUTE tie bag with 3 adorable skincare products inside consisting of a hand cream, a morning skin perfecting cream and a face peel scrub. A CUTE illustrated card frame and stand which is already propped up in my bathroom!(featured image) There is also a Home inspired booklet full of tips,tricks and design features (everything I’m intrigued by)  Everything is once again very CUTE and exactly the type of chic I’m looking for.

I Love this box already.   Everything about its contents screams “Worth it”. I of course indulged in the beauty products almost immediately and I have to say I’m impressed. What is even more impressive and important is that all My Little Box products are cruelty free! This is an issue I’m increasingly  being made aware of and being educated on.

So here are my personal testimonials after only one day!

 From first impressions I thought this looked a bit like a Christmas gift but then of course I read that it’s made in Lapland?  How cool…..    It was inspired by Nordic beauty secrets. It has a rich and non greasy formula and made with antioxidant rich arctic berries which has a soothing effect and I definitely felt this upon first contact. It’s clearly designed for cold chapped hands and because I go from humid home to instant cold air in the winter without wearing gloves I do tend to occasionally suffer from this. After 2 applications there is definitely less cracks up close in my problem areas like my fingertips. I think overall it’s probably one of those products you would treat your skin to in the winter so the £16.90 price tag for a 75ml tube will not be a steep purchase considering you need only apply a small amount daily.

This is a little gem! After my usual cleanse tone serum moisture regime (I personally use Arbonne’s RE9), I applied this to my face and almost instantly it felt and looked like I was putting a good quality primer on, It wasn’t made for that purpose but it had a great moisturising effect that brightened my natural tones and evened out my complexion, I didn’t even bother putting on a layer of foundation like I usually do in the morning to hide a few blemishes AND I even went outside in public today! WIN WIN! After an afternoon of walking and going into most of the evening, until I had a shower, this little gem kept the moisture in my skin without going greasy and stayed slightly shimmery. At only £10 a bottle I may keep this beauty around!

Despite its name “Mask and Peel” there is no mask or peeling involved. What you do have is a really good face scrub! I think you CAN use it as a mask however it’s not the typical drying ingredients in fact the product is invisible on your skin aside from the little bits mixed in. NoxiDoxi revives skin and leaves a glow…… And to be honest it had a pore tightening effect after I washed it off. But it didn’t dry my skin like some face scrubs have done in the past. This is probably a product I wouldn’t NEED for my skin but it does do what it says and with a slightly more expensive price tag at €24.90 for a 50ml bottle it would be an investment for continuous use, but again you only need apply a little amount.

All products and cute things are all found on their website HERE !

Go get a box for yourself you are not tied down to a subscription you can cancel anytime, but I don’t think you will want to. I am soooo excited for next months box already!

What products are in your daily regime? Do you have a gem of a discovery? As always I’d love to hear from you and share with me your Beauty Secrets and tips! I’m fairly new to skincare and beauty ! 


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