Creative Thinking and Writing: I’ve got the bug! 


I thought I’d give a little update on my life and what I’ve been up to.

I have 2 bags full of old memorabilia in my bedroom, some things are from school, some old get well cards from when I was in hospital as a child and some, some silly scribbles,some old college work from my performing arts A-Levels, I was very passionate about drama and performing and me and 3 others at school who were very close friends shared this passion. We would go to see west end plays with our class and saw The Woman In Black with all the original cast and it was an incredible and truly horrifying production ….I’m rambling….anyway there are some truly great memories in these bags……

And then I came across my notebooks full of various scribbles and plots, some ideas to a thriller/horror/drama I had intended to begin writing ….. I genuinely miss how passionate I was as a teenager for the dramatic……mostly acting and creating scenarios (mostly involving anything horror, we were obsessed )that me and my friends would then re enact. In fact we actually made a zombie movie…it was on YouTube and now it’s unavailable (must get in contact with old friends who may possess the footage still and share!).

After finding this notebook I decided I needed another source of inspiration to get the energy flowing with ny journaling and writing and I quickly began searching on Amazon for self help and imaginative ideas and found myself drawn to a book called 356 Journal Writing Ideas .

It’s written by Rossi Fox and was specifically designed for people who want to take their journaling rather seriously and follow daily and weekly writing challenges and topics and it truly is full of wonderful ideas, but it also makes it incredibly fun to do aswell. I personally bought this book as a prompt for my new blogging venture and it has evolved to become a more personal exploration into my philosophical and productive thinking. Inside this book there are 365 PROMPTS for daily journaling. I haven’t been doing this everyday like the author suggests but I have been doing it in little moments here and there and dating it also! One particular prompt has completely changed my mind frame as seen below

  It gives you a choice of scenarios, one from each box, where you then have a basic plot line for a SHORT STORY.  This sent me on a writing frenzy , pen to paper flowed surprisingly wuickly and I got so caught up in the story in my head that I wrote just over 7 pages and I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to go back and change little action scenes and character dialogue but decided to stop. This little prompt sparked my imagination and I experienced again that feeling and energy you get when you have done something exciting and your adrenaline kicks in. It felt so good.

A dear friend of mine Abii  has been a huge inspiration to me lately. She helped me trigger my long lost but never forgotten interests that I already had in me, but never pursued!  Now I have something else to keep me occupied in my free time and more importantly it keeps my brain ALIVE and ACTIVE. Plus I have so many ideas now running through my mind that I feel I need to write them down quick so I don’t miss any opportunities.

Thank you abii and thank you to the universe for giving me the SPARK and reminding me I have it inside me and to just let it out!

I cannot wait to share with you more!

What inspires you? Do you have a creative side? 


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