My Short Story- “The Incident”

I have been considering sharing my first ever short story with the world and decided why not??  Using the PROMPT that i mentioned in my previous post using the 365 journal and writing ideas book. It’s my first draft and still needs tightening here and there but never mind.  The basic plot line i used was : On a Cold winters Night, An under appreciated Personal Assistant, Fights for survival as the world has been overrun by Zombies:

Content Warning: Few choice swear words, graphic descriptions and mild suspense/thriller theme. Please do not read if you find these offensive and inappropriate!! Also please do not steal this. Please respect ME and respect my creativity. I would always give the same respect to ALL. ( if you decide my story is good enough for a novel/movie please ask my permission and include me or i will sue lol :)) Enjoy

It’s been 2 months since the outbreak occurred. So sudden and so brutal, human kind didn’t stand a chance.

My name is Dana Mead. 2 months ago i was just a personal assistant for the most powerful and influential Banking and Financial institutions in the world. My boss, everyone’s boss,was Lucas Haynes. He was the most powerful man i knew. He wreaked money and success. He NEEDED attention. He NEEDED to create ways to make even MORE money. I had to deal with his political bullshit and misogynistic ego on a daily basis.

I had money too, i was paid well above normal for what seemed just your average PA job. I was the woman who organised his busy schedule and daily coffee….until recent events, i never questioned my unusually high pay and incredible health benefits. (Now of course i know i was being paid to turn a blind eye,never question the corporation and to make sure his social and professional life to the full, soon i was to be the most naive women alive)…..

5 years ago Lucas took his new money in a new direction……he invested in a high esteemed medical lab, employing with it a handful of the most intelligent people, who were highly advanced in science and technology. Lucas innocently claimed he was going to “cure cancer”and the public believed him. He was smart. He was clever. I believed him…. But he was manipulative…… I didn’t know we had an underground research team. I didn’t know they were playing god……… I didn’t know they were mixing deadly bacteria in test tubes for a new form of chemical warfare………..I didn’t know that they were conducting live human experiments….. I didn’t know that Lucas Haynes would go on to decide the fate of the human race………………..Until ONE COLD WINTERS NIGHT my life changed forever………

I was in the head office of medical lab offices, it was around 11pm, routinely replying to emails on behalf of Lucas, among other “routine” and mundane tasks. Something which happened EVERY night. I finished up and began strolling my way down towards the main square courtyard of the facility, which leads to the staff car park. behind me is Lucas’s office, to the left of me is the main offices and to the right, the medical labs, strictly no access to unauthorized personnel and 2 security guards at all times, routine security, routine “route” to the car park. I had only been inside the main labs a few times with Lucas to take some notes on some development of a new over the counter drug, all the while there were numerous pat downs and checks and Lucas had all the fingerprint access and swipe cards to gain entry.

This particular night, there were no guards at their post…..the gate was slightly ajar…..this was extremely out of the ordinary and being acquaintances with the head of security, Mark Watts, i gave him a quick call, just to check. I wasn’t exactly worried but i wanted to follow protocol. He answered, slightly startled. “Hello, Dana?”.

“Hey Mark, listen sorry to bother you but i’m just passing the med lab gates and they are open….and the night shift guards are not at their posts , have you seen them?” I said it like this expecting there to be a quick response and hoping for him to tell me that they were the other side of the gate just dealing with something and so i could carry on through the courtyard and to my car…to  a hot shower and to a warm bed……

“Hold on, let me go check the monitors”. I was a little frustrated he wasn’t in front of them straight away, but thought id cut him some slack and just wait. A few moments later he mumbled , “i will be right down to meet you, i can’t get hold of anyone on their radios’s and the monitors are down, stay right there if you would mind?” I quietly and politely replied, “Sure”. This was slightly frustrating, but i couldn’t leave without feeling guilty. From where i was standing, roughly 50 feet from the gates, i could see the main security tower above the medical lab but just inside the gates. I could see that there were 2 lights already on and then another was switched on as Mark descended the tower. He would only be a minute. I  tilted my head up towards the sky where i could see my own breath in the frozen, cold air, there were a few stars out tonight but the glow of the security lights of the site drowned out the most of it. I began to think of the cup of hot chocolate and my blanket, waiting for me at home and the thought of catching up on the latest episode of a crime drama i was watching at the time…..

Five minutes had passed, i was just wanting to get home. It was not my responsibility to keep the security guards in check. mark hadn’t met me yet and i was wondering whether he found his staff en route and was hoping to find Mark giving them a bollocking.  Anyway, i decided to strut the 50 feet, through the opening in the gates and was ready to say a few choice words to them myself, when instead my mouth dropped…….. instantly my heart stopped in its chest….. i held my breath……my handbag almost lost grip in my hands as i began to lose strength…. and just as abruptly my heart POUNDED into action again……

Mark stood with his back to me,quite still….Two other uniformed men were knelt down in front of Mark, bent over and clawing over a bundle on the ground, it took only a second for my cognitive to register what my eyes were witnessing……mangled red flesh, splatters of body matter on the frozen icy ground, a thick mass of body bits mashed up…… stomach heaved…were they gnawing?

I stood back to the door of the gate behind me to try and steady myself and i couldn’t grip my handbag in time, it finally dropped to the ground with a squeamish thud, my back to the gate i looked up and Mark’s body jerked, back still facing me, he slowly turned his head and in doing so, revealed his  demonic disfigured features. He had no lips, only bloodied teeth, skin stripped of any pure flesh and he looked straight at me, he made a blood curdling moan and his whole body aligned with the direction of his head and he began to  creep towards me. I began to feel for the gap in the gate and got ready to run back through them when my eyes focused behind Mark, to the two men that were on the ground next to him, they repeated the same jerk and moan and crept towards me, this time the sound sent a tingle from the base of my back to the top of my neck and for the first time in my life i was utterly petrified, momentarily paralyzed by what i was experiencing.

I finally found the gap in the gate and just as i was about to run through it, i saw the glass windows of the medical lab beyond explode and shatter and small flames were escaping and a couple dozen disfigured …people?  somehow survived the explosion and began to creep in my direction, majority were wearing white coats…. medical staff,and doctors, there were also people in large yellow bio suits? ….i didn’t have time to think, i didn’t have time to try and make sense of it all. My instincts kicked in and i ran.

I ran to my car but screamed in frustration as i realized my handbag was back THERE… and because i was terrified and my face was suddenly wet, i was crying, i was shaking. I was scared. I didn’t have time. There was no one else around. Not in sight anyway and i couldn’t go back the way i came. I ran. I left the car park. I left the creeping  and the moaning……………………

 My name is Dana Mead, I’ve been running ever since………..


4 thoughts on “My Short Story- “The Incident”

  1. not usually into Horror..but i started reading this and was Mesmorised..literally.edge of your seat stuff..Very Atmospheric..Well Writtten..Great Grammer..Exellant Imagination..I would watch this in a Picturesque Script..The Ending was Right up my Street…Unexpectant..To be Continued….Thoroughly enjoyed this Jennifer..Dont Stop with just this Story..
    I look forward to ..Other..
    FICTION From You…Your a Very Talented Young Lady..X😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That means a lot Aunty Dawn 🙂 I’m just getting started I want to write more light hearted things too. But I do love thriller/crime/drama/ horror genre :):) thanks so much again 🙂


  2. Ah wow Jen,you remind me of me,you talk how i think in my have a lot of talent Jen,i really enjoyed your short story,keep at it and you will succeed! Lol and hugs Aunty sue xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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