Paying Attention to my Personal Health


I am your average British woman, generally a size 12 depending on the fit of the clothes item, height around 5’3′, medium build and i of course hate my flabby arms and wobbly thighs, these are the 2 main areas i dislike about my body…(despite Lee’s reassuring comments about how he loves every part of me….cringe) I think some men just don’t get it!

I have always maintained this average size since the age of around 20. I had a horrid 3 years before then working in a fish and chip shop, it was only meant to be part time whilst at college but it ended up going into full time….i lost any ambition and self esteem i had, i was out drinking every weekend after a shift and eating chip butties and fried food on basically a daily basis, i went up to a large size 14 and i was in a state of depression. I lost friends because i was drunk and lost any confidence i had. Life at home, which i wont go into , but it wasn’t a stable healthy and particularly safe home for the good part of 10 years.I was in a vicious cycle of just working drinking and eating disgusting amounts of fatty junk food. I was a mess in all honesty.

No big event or major trauma changed my lifestyle over the years that followed,but what did begin to change was my maturity and understanding of myself as a person. I began to slow down with partying ( the odd night out was still fun) and then i met Lee at the age of 19, i also suddenly quit my chip shop job and eventually through the years i had numerous employment in different restaurants and now i’m currently settled and content, job wise.  But my diet still was never great. The first year or 2, the “honeymoon stage” of our relationship i was eating small amounts and i lost a good amount of weight. mainly through smaller portions, me being too polite and we were doing a good amount of walking.

When we moved in together we had a high sugar, high fat and high carb cupboard full……..mainly because we were skint and bought the cheapest ingredients ever when we went shopping, smart price this, smart price that. We both work in a restaurant and during a typical working week we get fed at work 5 times a week, so we would end up buying stuff to stick straight in the freezer for our days off, usually a pizza and wedges and some frozen mince meat to do a basic pasta dish …..i cringe now looking back at the food we once devoured. But we still didn’t really pay much attention about the quality of food….lee has such a high metabolism he is tall and skinny frame and its impossible for him to gain weight.I have a normal metabolism which means that i am what i eat and my skin was awful, very bad acne and scarring.But like food , we were both uneducated in good food and good skincare.

I’m no expert to this day and over the last 2 years, people have influenced me who were educated about good diet and good skincare and i listened intently… i read up on the internet and followed various healthy people on Instagram so i can keep up with health tips and tricks……i listened to all the people who have had good education in nutrition and know a thing or 2 in being fit and healthy and i listened and have been taking small steps since to refresh our cupboards, refresh my skin and refresh from the inside out. (biscuits have been banned for about 8 months now, used to sit and eat 10 or more at a time once or twice a day)

I still have a little treat now and then. I buy fresh fruit and vegetables weekly, i have begun baking myself healthy snacks so i don’t feel guilty. I make sure that i have 2 full meals a day, consisting of a hearty breakfast and a colorful dinner as much as possible. I have never eaten lunch, but i have a fairly filling snack mostly banana and a yogurt and a green tea just to keep me going. I am more aware than i ever have been of what i put in my body as well as on it.

I have a more balanced relationship with food now and i am aiming to incorporate light exercise and do more daily walking like we used to do.  I have learned that living with your partner has a massive impact on your personal diet and activity. We halve everything financially.  Including when we go food shopping we buy for the BOTH of us, meaning that there are a few naughty bits thrown in which are meant for Lee but i do occasionally give in and have a nibble. If i had full control on what we both spent on food, i would opt for a very different shopping list, i am working on this and trying to make lee understand that although you may be fine now, your diet will catch up on you and your health is SO IMPORTANT. I need him to support me too through transitioning into healthier options, he is my world, my everything, my constant in life and with his help it will improve my mindset and vice versa.

I am more conscious and productive in stopping myself from unhealthy cravings which is why i have begun to bake myself skinny muffins! (recipe coming up in another post) guilt free snacking, id rather grab a homemade virtually sugar free blueberry muffin than a calorie filled bar of choc or slab of cake!!

I mentioned my skin earlier, well in the past year my skin has improved rather dramatically, through using skincare from Arbonne ( a completely vegan, naturally sourced, organic, chemical free company) I am also looking into similar products and companies which aim to re balance the PH levels in your skin. I am educating myself towards a more ethical approach to my health and wellness, cruelty free being one element. I still have breakouts, but now i am in control of my daily regime and now understand what foods and when hormones effect my skin. I also have learned to stay hydrated, i used to drink little fluids and some days it would only be coffee and a juice now i drink water and a lot of it too and i haven’t given up my daily coffee of course!!( here is the link to my love of coffee post) i now drink up to 3 cups of Green Tea a day and i love the taste too!

My goal is to be happy from the inside out. I aim to be a healthy size 10 and i will transform myself and my mindset along the way!

Do you have any tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle? Healthy eating? Exercise ? I am very open minded and would love to hear any recommendations


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