The Best Coffee Escapes in North Cornwall

I Love Coffee

I love to discover new coffee haunts in my home county. Whenever i venture out for the day, i always keep in mind a cup of coffee half way through a country walk or beach stroll. I always travel to a destination where there will be coffee options available. Usually you can tell by the look of a place whether or not their coffee is good quality and barista made, that and the advertising on their boards usually gives it away. (this might sound snobbish but when you know what you like, you know what to look for)

If i was to venture down the local pub, you will instantly notice the standard coffee machine, usually bean to cup and it auto froths and pours the milk straight into the cup/glass.  This is great for people who are uneducated and are happy with a basic instant coffee. I personally always avoid these places as i know no care has been given. I do not want someone to press a button and serve me coffee. I want to pay the extra for a barista made , care and attention given cup of coffee.

Some places are better,  they may have a manual grinder and basic barista machine and relatively acceptable coffee beans, however they haven’t been trained. They do not know the difference between Arabica and Robusta and everything in between.. They haven’t been told the importance of the grinder. They sometimes burn the milk. They are not fully aware of the basic chemistry behind a good cup of coffee.

Anyway…….i’m waffling…..My point is that i know the places to go locally for an exquisite and delicious coffee, of course this is my opinion, my personal taste, but you cannot ignore the fact they are educated and know exactly how to satisfy your caffeine cravings.


I am still discovering places as i explore  Cornwall and i would love to receive your recommendations near and far!! (  a place with an awesome beach/countryside/scenic view is a bonus!!)

  • The Cornish Bakery – Ever since this Cornish chain opened up in Tintagel (my home) i have made this my local haunt. Literally within 30 seconds walk this Bakery/Pastry cafe. They know exactly how to make a Flat White. They work with Union Coffee, completely committed to Ethical Trade. The baristas in the Tintagel cafe are great and i’m sure the other bakeries are too.Their pastries are to die for, french style and sweet.
  • The Weir– situated in a small wildlife center and links to Bude via canal or footpath, its set just off the main road and serves fresh, locally produced food and serve a fantastic cup of coffee. Origin Roasters, a Cornish coffee company. Really nice setting to watch the wildlife on the large pond and chill out with hot drink.
  • Life’s a Beach– again, they serve Origin Coffee(ONE of my favorites). With views looking over Summerleaze Beach in Bude , its a surfers hot spot. The locals occupy it too in the quieter months. They are always really young and friendly and work hard, especially when they take care with coffee making. They transform into an evening a la cart’e style menu and its a perfect spot for light lunch, evening meal and afternoon coffee. With many walks in this coastal town, its a great place to finish off.
  • Strong Adolfo’s– an artisan/retro/bikers paradise. Its fine coffee, fresh local food and sub cultural happenings is what makes this place so unique. A fairly new place i discovered from a friend. Their coffee is origin (i know i know) they have a wide coffee menu, i tried their “Piccolo” a short coffee, double espresso with steamed milk. I describe it as a mini flat white. Short, strong and divine! They truly take pride in their coffee here. Its very spacious and light and you will be lucky to get a seat inside as its so popular, but visit after 2.30pm weekdays you will be able to relax. Its location makes it unique too, situated in a mini industrial estate there is an artisan deli next door, an art gallery and a vintage shop.
  • Relish Food and Drink – a classic favorite of ours. A small independent cafe in the heart of Wadebridge. Origin Roast and professionally trained baristas and the owner takes absolute pride in customer service, quality food and quality coffee. Award winning UK Barista’s too, as well as many other awards for coffee brewing. They have a deli next door where local produce can be found as well as the more luxurious to fill your kitchen.They change their roast weekly, if not daily, so there is never just one bean being served. Each roast they use, is then available to purchase, which we often do. They have a simple menu, but simple is good and very yummy. Whenever i get my haircut in the Salon next door i always take advantage of a refreshment from here or whenever i am in the area.

These have been my Top 5 locally. of course i’m sure there are many more just waiting to be discovered.


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