My Little Box Unboxed- March Bubble Box

It’s March which means I have another unique and special delivery which arrived at my door in a Little Box.

This month theme: My Little Bubble Box.

Between the 10th and 20th each month I now have something to be very excited about!

As I unopened this months box, I found myself very surprised. There was a balloon inside which reads BE WILD I haven’t blown it up yet as I am waiting for the right kind of celebration or random gift !

I recieved A Black Essie Nail Laquer. I am not one of those girls who goes to get her nails manicured or gels or anything like that. In fact I really don’t like nail varnish if I’m really honest but I did try this on just for blogging purposes. I found it very lumpy , but this is the thick effect it’s supposed to have as it has glittered sequins inside it. Not something I am normally used to when I have applied nail varnish in the past. It does look nice at a glance, matte looking, chunky and glittery. I have applied it poorly as I am clearly uneducated when it comes to polishing my nails! I will take it off in a few days.       I would recommend this to more experienced users though as it could be very pretty when applied neatly lol. 

The Bulle de Teinte again this is a completely new product to me. It is a blending sponge. It has many uses. The main claim is to “create a flawless complexion” by wetting the sponge, dabbing foundation and then blending. Apparently it can also be used to apply lipstick smoothly using the pointed end.

I use foundation moderately, with my fingers, it’s the only way I can apply evenly and blend the way need to. I was more than happy to give this sponge a go and perhaps I need more practice and precision to get it right however I will probably still be using my fingers for the foreseeable future. I want my makeup application to be quick and convenient in the morning. How about you? How do you apply foundation? 

I haven’t actually used this cute little Bubble Blush Lip and Cheek Tint as I do not wear blusher and do not wear lipgloss. I am such a minimalist when it comes to my makeup routine. All I want is to cover any blemishes I have that day and to enhance my eyelashes a little. Other than the odd occasion I venture out and get dressed up do I actually use more such as liquid eyeliner and a bit of eyeshadow.

I think this little cutie will be making its way into someone luckies makeup bag very soon………. Watch this space!  Don’t forget my Instagram Photo Contest!!

Now…..this  High Volume Givenchy Mascara I am very excited about! From first impressions it looks like utter luxury ….and that it is!  This mini applicator has very unique two tone bristles which both brings sleek definition and incredible volume. With just one swipe on the eyelashes you can instantly see the eyelashes extend and there are no lumps which is a great bonus! Very quick to apply just what I like! And my eyes have so much definition after its as though I am wearing a thin layer of eyeliner on my top lid! 

I also recieved a Paddle Hair Brush.  It’s a Pop of colour and it is actually very good at de knotting my long thick wavy hair!
This months box was very different and although I won’t use the majority of the contents it is great to eliminate products from my personal use and evolve my own beauty routine in the long run! And of course any samples I don’t use I will do a cheeky little giveaway so watch this space!

I still have last months  Polaar hand cream and it is getting lots of use!

I hope you have enjoyed this months review and as always I’d love to hear your tips and tricks 🙂 or if you have any of the above products/accessories id love to hear how you have applied it ! 


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