An Adventure i’d love to have…

I often find myself daydreaming of far off landscapes, culture and nature.

After getting A Taste Of Italy in October, i have this hope inside me…..a hope of having an adventure. Immersing myself into the stunning natural landscapes that this Beautiful Earth has to offer.

I recently wrote a blog post explaining my new-found love for writing my thoughts down in a notebook, who inspired me and also dabbling in a bit of Creative Thinking and Writing: I’ve got the bug! …….. Well the prompt in the book i am using recently asked me to write down an adventure that i would love to have.

It took me a while to truly think about what I wanted……a few things clogged my perfect vision of an adventure , for instance, saving for our wedding and starting a family is something that we both want within the next 3 years. That will be an adventure in itself and i am seriously so excited and so happy to think about starting my life with Lee who will be the most loving father……….. BUT   I do want an adventure….

I began thinking about how diverse this planet is. I want my adventure to be just as diverse. By this I mean…...I want to see white, soft beaches. I want to see rugged coastline. I want to see deep, creepy forests ( the ones you see in the movies) I want to see snow topped mountains. I want to immerse myself in the heat and bustle of concrete cities and city life. I want wide open roads. I want coffee stops. I want to walk in high places and low places. I want to have sunsets over valleys. I want to go hiking. I want to chill ax around a pool and sip on cocktails. I want to try to surf. I want to be DESERTED. I want to see wildlife. I want to sleep under the stars. I want home comforts. I want freedom……….

This is the adventure I want and more. I want to hire a car and Road Trip the National Parks and popular cities of America. America has everything nature has to offer in my eyes. To be able to spend a month doing this just ONCE in my lifetime is the adventure i dream about. To stop off in cheap motels  along the way, whenever and wherever we end up.Have a plan, but not a limited plan.Be Spontaneous.

With Lee by my side, trying new experiences and exploring the extremities of nature and human civilization.

There is no reason that I shouldn’t be able to make this happen in my lifetime!

I’ve decided to do a mini collage below to explain to you visually why I want to venture here…………

Id love to have the same adventure in New Zealand!!!! ( My number 1 on my travel Bucket List)


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