Android to iPhone….why i took the leap!!

Since Smartphones were invented, i have been an avid Android supporter and lover. Influenced by my other half who is tech and gadget savvy, i always confided in him in choosing my next upgrade based on camera capabilities, tech specs and display e.t.c…. he always had the latest knowledge in phone specs and was always researching and watching videos e.t.c…. a Geek if you will.

Since being with Lee, i have been through 4 phones, each a phenomenal upgrade to the other.

The tiny pink one on the left is what i had when i first met Lee. It was ridiculous thinking about it this was back in 2009 and i had it for roughly 1 year.  The next one i had was this mini Sony Ericsson  phone with a keyboard which slid out. At the time it was better than a phone lee had, more powerful, better camera and i thought it was THE BOMB and i was so happy with its performance. In fact i do miss the keyboard feature as it was so quick for messaging….back then i still used the original text.

And then until December 2015 i had the awesome Sony XperiaZ1 Compact….honestly?? There was NOTHING wrong with this one, it is still an incredible android device and has a great camera with it. In the last 3/4 years i have loved photography and this phone was an awesome companion to have when i didn’t want to lug around my DSLR. It was fast and reliable and up to date. It does EVERYTHING i want a phone to do. All i need is a device to hold my social apps, browse the web, take some photos and to always be connected.

Literally for years i have consumed Android and never had ANY interest in what Apple had to offer ( at the time Apple was not up to scratch with Android quality) UNTIL Lee came home one day last year with an iPhone6s………I was shocked and so was everyone else we knew who were Android consumers. It took me (and others) not too long to warm to his new purchase. Everyone Lee knows, trusts his judgement when it comes to tech and so do I.   In fact someone I know has slated, despised and made ridiculous HATEFUL comments about Apple phones. He would  constantly make fun of the other iPhone users at work and almost bully them in a humorous way………….it took him all of less than 2 weeks to get the latest iPhone6s………

  Apple never had the wow factor for me (and Lee to begin with) and i only saw it as an accessory for celebrities and everyone was just following their lead. I never hated the iPhone i just thought they were missing a lot of the features i loved. I was uneducated to how secure, professional , consistent and powerful the iPhone had become in the past 2 years.

I used to have the view that Apple has too much money to spend and they don’t know how to use science to their ability. I thought you were simply paying for a brand name, not the technology……i had such a limited opinion but now my eyes have been opened…..

Here are the main reasons i chose the iPhone6s over an Android Upgrade……(there are many more)

  • The Updates…….the patches are solved the same day. Everybody and Every Device in the world on iOS will receive it immediately. Quick, efficient, legit service.
  • WiFi calling without needing to be on a contract (in the UK on EE at least)
  • The 12mp Camera- the exposure control, detail, noise reduction, auto focus,optical image stabilisation, auto colour saturation,burst mode and general awesomeness when it comes to taking a made to look like professional shot! 
  • Visual voicemail – I am able to select which voicemail to listen to and see who sent it. No need to call up and press numbers on the keypad.
  • App Store- Apple takes pride in its features. Truly unique content not available on Android. Out of this world photography apps you simply cannot get anywhere else. 
  • Care and attention to detail i.e. the auto-brightness is perfect and transitions so smoothly you never notice it, just like many aspects of the OS. That’s how it should be.
  • The Security Features- Touch ID fingerprint sensor….genius! Also everyone heard on the news recently about the government wanting Apple to unlock and access our phones right? Well if the government can’t get in its pretty secure right? 

If you want to hear a perfect explanation I recommend This Short Article I was shared by my other half. 

Just everything The iPhone6s has to offer in quality, professionalism and uniqueness is incredible. And Simple. 

I have been converted.

I would never diss Android users. After all technology has advanced incredibly in recent years and it’s easy enough to get a decent phone suited to your individual needs. 

Saying that, I would never go back to Android. 

You pay for what you get. And the science,power,security and technology behind the newer iPhones is completely worth the price tag! 

How about you? Are you an iPhone user? Or are you the complete opposite and opted to convert to an Android? It’s an interesting discussion! 

Thanks for reading !


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