A Moment with Nature…

I have never had a touching moment with Animals, but i have had a truly treasured moment with nature in Italy…one of those life affirming, heart connecting, soul finding ones…. Sounds cheesy and perhaps cliche but it happened to me!……….

We were on our first day of visiting the Cinque Terre, on the Ligurian Coastline of Northern Italy. It was a stunning, warm day. We got up bright and early to catch a ferry to the North most village( there are 5) and had planned to walk to the 2 next villages ( which we did). We had breakfast in Monterosso al Mare, it had a lush beach, stunning sparkling waters and a busy but calm ambiance. We spent about 2 hours here as there was just so much to see and admire. The time was getting on and we still had 2 more villages to trek to and explore.

We began the coastal cliff ascent into the blissful hills. It reminded me of the  Mediterranean. Every bit of land had allotments on steep, dangerously steep, clifftops and verges, home grown fruit, veg and vines. It was like stepping back into a time where there was no modern technology and amenities.

To show you what i mean here are some pics:

In fact we met an old man along this path , selling freshly squeezed orange juice, made from his own homegrown oranges, he spoke no English, he lived in a little hut tucked away in the mountain clifftops…..tucked away from  the modern world…..this was his living….selling orange juice….unfortunately he ran out just as it was our turn in the line…..typical but i am so glad we met him. It puts your life in perspective, makes you appreciate the comforts we have at home. This man was happy. He literally lived off the land…..just like the majority of the locals in this region. This area is so remote that there is a helicopter which operates, delivering and picking up boxes of what can only be presumed as home supplies and the fresh produce. It went back and forth at least 5 times that we saw but we carried on our journey.

There are no roads into the Cinque Terre Villages, only a train line which runs in and out of  narrow tunnels under the cliffs.


We made it to the next village.


We had an hour here, had a slice of Focaccia and just a general chill out on the harbor down there!

We had to continue along the cliff path. It was getting later and it was early October so the sunset was around 6.30ish. It had been such a long day we tried to walk to the last village before dark. It only took just over an hour and this is when the MOMENT happened. There had been a build up of emotions throughout the day. We were just so happy about being in such a unique and magical part of the world, sunshine, good food and a cheeky pint of local lager. I swear we were just constantly smiling. Anyway….. We were on the last leg of the path to the last village, the sun was setting over the ocean and we were side by side, just amazed and a little exhausted and sun swept too…..then we saw this…….


 It was a little darker than this photo shows and we stopped for a moment and looked at each other. We didn’t need to say anything, we were just there….in the moment, witnessing this stunning warm sunset, with our final destination for the day on the horizon. It was an incredible feeling, i don’t know that i can explain with words. I felt so humbled and the most memorable part is that i was with Lee in this incredible setting.

We didn’t have time to explore this village properly as it was dark and we were tired so we went again the next day, finishing off the last 2 destinations.

Of course, this was just 3 days of our wonderful Italian escape. We stayed in the nearby La Spezia, a great base for exploring this region.


Have you had an experience with Nature? A Moment of pure awe? A Moment where you felt so happy??

Thanks and Goodbye xx



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