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Hi there!

In case you missed my Introduction To Me post, I am a Waitress………

If you have worked in hospitality before or AT LEAST have a bit of common sense and consideration, then you already know how much of a roller coaster this industry can be emotionally and physically, ESPECIALLY when all common sense and consideration gets forgotten completely by the masses it seems.

Easter weekend just hit us! Down here in Cornwall it’s probably one of the worst places to venture out to if you want to have a chilled relaxed day of dining and venturing from coastal towns and villages. The roads are jam packed, the restaurants and cafes are full to the brim and then there are tractors….. Its Spring….. They are all out in full force!

It started Friday lunchtime at the restaurant I worked in…. The sun was shining, cold breeze rolling in…..it’s still March after all….it’s only 9 degrees outside……please be wary of that when you ask to sit outside in the tea garden next to a non sheltered side of the river…..and your servers are wearing a short sleeve, thin cotton smart shirt. You might be wearing your winter coats and leggings but we don’t have the luxury  of layering up whilst in a professional environment. It’s not in any way summer temperatures, but we deliver your lunch and coffee with a smile and friendly chat anyway!

There is something about public holidays, when the schools are off, when families don’t just turn up as a small household unit……they turn up with uncles and aunts, cousins,the guy down the road, 22 children, half of which are in nappies………And then they have the audacity to complain when there isn’t a table for 14 people together….on a busy lunch service, when we clearly are a small restaurant and are full already with only a few scattered tables for 2 free for use…..

Please for the love of humanity….if you have young children incapable of feeding themselves or are just naturally messy….please do not ignore the mushed up chips and peas and spilled milk…(literally) they have just dropped on the table and sliding onto the floor for all to slip on…..please ask us for a napkin for you to clear up after your munchkins, we would then be happy to clear the napkins away for you and we will thank you for such consideration. We understand it is a waitress/waiters’s task to clean, but when you have left our tasteful calm and somewhat sophisticated restaurant and you have left the table like it has just been attacked by  a stampede…. we waste time sweeping and mopping and scrubbing the floor after you when there are other customers waiting for a table who end up sitting at your dirty table and complain that it is dirty….so we end up wiping  AROUND the new customers and get old food and crumbs on their laps…. they look at ME as though I am to blame………

That is another pet hate of mine…..customers who sit down at a clearly dirty table full of glasses and tea stains when right next to them is a perfectly clean, orderly, pristine table ready to be used and still a good spot of the restaurant……….i am then left to rush around you and am left having to apologize and just ignore their complete idiocy and lack of common sense!!!

” Oops sorry sir, i have just wiped crumbs onto your lap whilst i rush around to get this table ready for you. I am Sorry that you didn’t sit in the table next to this one where it is properly laid and CLEAN. I am sorry that you felt the need to sit down immediately, without speaking to a member of staff for THIS particular table and then kindly waiting for it at our bar. I am sorry that you and your wife are taking up a table made for 4 when there is a perfectly good table made for 2 right next to it. I am sorry that you fail to see this and i am sorry that i didn’t say anything to you about this so as to keep the peace and to keep our customers happy.”

I of course find this industry comical. I can see the funny and positive  side of a situation and i truly believe that if i DIDN’T i would need some form of therapy.

 I might have a little bitch and a little rant every now and again about these little niggles and dilemmas that approach me as a waitress, but i do genuinely enjoy my work. I find the benefits out weigh any negatives, no matter how stressful it can get. It can be a rewarding job just in a different way than say caring for someone can be.

I have many more stories , which i look forward to sharing with the world soon!!! Some as it happens and just some personal insights and experiences into the world of  a waitress!!

Take Care Now!!


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