Discovering Myself through Words… Part 1

Just a quick post to say hello! And welcome if this is your first visit to my blog! 

I wanted to keep this short and sweet…

 I am a sentimental person. A quiet thinker. A philosopher and dreamer. Reserved in nature. Polite and shy. A huge introvert. I keep myself to myself and within my personal relationships. I overthink things and situations and tend to have negative thoughts in my head a lot and then realise how ridiculous my own thoughts are. The mind is a delicate being.

BUT sometimes I come across things either on the web or social media that just hit home at the right time and make me smile, make me rethink my lifestyle, makes me appreciate what I do have in my life and accept the choices I have consciously made.  Infact a lot of them I find scrolling through my Instagram feed and it usually has a butterfly effect on my whole outlook on life at that moment in time. Sometimes a few words is all it takes…..

I thought I’d share these discoveries either weekly/every other week or monthly…..haven’t fully decided yet….. And hopefully I can entertain, add meaning to your life, lighten up your day, make you smile, make you reevaluate your mindset and goals e.t.c e.t.c if I can just share these little sentiments with the world hopefully it gives you an insight into my life and inner thoughts aswell as your own! Because as you all know Life Happens 


“Life isn’t happening to you; Life is Responding to you ” – Rhonda Byrne

“Im in a long time steady and I breakable relationships with nature, a passionate Romance with Art and Love, a bloody love affair with Life. 

People come and go.  Things come and go.  I come and go..these three remain. ” – Andreà Balt

“The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them”- author unknown

“I love early mornings when it feels like the rest of the world is still fast asleep and you’re the only one who’s awake and everything feels like it isn’t really real and you kind of forget about all your problems because for now it’s just you, the world and the sunrise…” – Word Porn

“I’m ready for flip flops, green grass, sunshine,blooming flowers and bird singing weather “- author is everyone 

Have a great day/evening/morning! 


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