My Netflix and Chill…..DO NOT DISTURB

When I first heard of “Netflix and Chill” (literally in the last 6 months) it reassures me that I am now a grown woman, an adult, a mature one at that.

Let’s rewind a short but very important 10 years ago…

I was nearly 16 I was in the middle of my GCSE’s ( cringe worthy results for me) prom was upcoming and I was still meeting up with friends, RENTING horror movies, camping on the moors, sneaking alcohol into cinemas, getting lost in the woods, reading lots and I didn’t even have internet at home as mum couldn’t afford it,thinking about it now I’m grateful she couldn’t …I had a Nokia 3210 to keep me connected and playing snake in bed (IF ANYBODY REMEMBERS THIS)  and texting (REAL TEXTING) I was usually asleep by maybe 10/11pm…

This was my life. I had a good social life, I surrounded myself with a few great people who I grew up with….Fast Forward  10 years I have the best tech surrounding me, I have unlimited internet, I’m paying bills and I am older, a little wiser perhaps but I have no active social life, I STREAM movies and tv shows EVERYDAY, i still have a handful of great people in my life……. You might be thinking “what the heck is this got to do with Netflix and Chill?” Well I can answer that be patient……. 

The Internet has blown up in these short few years. Streaming has become such apart of everyday normality. I absolutely LOVE Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, having my favourite shows instantly at my fingertips whenever I want,  I am forever grateful. Social Media is apart of my everyday normality too. I am on Facebook, Instagram and Google+ daily, I get all the usual friend and family updates and general nosiness on there, but I mostly follow an elite group of photographers and creative minds and so I love to get lost up in beautiful nature and world travel e.t.c and sometimes it can be 2 hours later and I’ve still got my nose down scrolling through my interests…….. It is time consuming but as I have got older my interests have evolved, my hobbies have evolved and my entertainment has evolved…..

Now as you may already know I have a fianceè. We have been together for over 6 and half years, we have a very healthy romantic relationship. We still have an active intimate relationship, we still do the usual activities any couple do, still have such a great connection , so when we sit down on an evening and watch a few episodes on Netflix (1 is never enough)…we are doing JUST THAT. Sitting down and binge watching and having a cup of tea and cake……. There are no sexy cuddles involved, just an affectionate one. There is no fondling and  caressing, maybe just the holding of hands. There is no sex involved whilst we are trying to watch the awesome shows that our brains are escaping into. Maybe later when it’s getting too late lol. 

Ever since hearing of the craze that is “Netflix and Chill” I get the impression it’s something young teenagers do nowadays. It’s like a teenage version of “wanna come in for a coffee?” SERIOUSLY? 

When I sit down and watch Netflix I only have the intention of doing just that. In fact I sit and watch season after season. With shows like The Walking Dead, Making a Murderer, Jessica Jones, Pretty Little Liars, House of Cards, Doctor Who (guilty pleasure), Hand of God, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, House, Desperate Housewives, Greys Anatomy, Lie to Me, Dexter……… And about 100 others available, my brain needs an escape into these alternative realities, it keeps my brain active and I would get annoyed if my other half tried it on with me whilst these shows were on! If I was single I would still have this attitude…..  A massive DO NOT DISTURB sign is what is needed and not for the reason you think! 

To all those young ones out there Netflix and Chilling….. You will grow up….. You will actually WATCH Netflix and wonder why you missed out on all these shows haha! 

Do you “Netflix and Chill” ? 


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