My Resolutions over the next 12 Months

Planning my life has got to be one of the top stresses for me. I cannot for the life of me be actually bothered to set a timeline for what I want my life to turn out like, when i want my wedding, when i want to start a family and what age i want to be…….i prefer to take life as it happens (hence the name of my blog)  in whatever shape or form it presents itself. I am not saying that i NEVER have a plan of action….I deal with the immediate situations such as paying my bills, planning days off and planning finances e.t.c. i have always been good with that. But when it comes to actually planning my life??? I don’t even bear thinking about it.

My life is content at the moment. I have a good home ( OK its only a rented bungalow flat but its affordable and a great location) I have an amazing partner. I have a job that pays for my small comfortable life. After all that’s all i want. I believe in living within your means and still being able to get out of life what you want. I mentioned before, that i have 5 constants in my life the things and people who make me who I am… well that still remains.

Of course, I do still have some goals in my life, some small things that i can realistically focus on. In the past i have procrastinated, i have given up on new opportunities that i have started ( exercise and a new business venture being among them)  i have decided to write them down as things that i want to accomplish within 12 months, at least this way it is out there in the world and i might actually get somewhere:

I want to be healthy inside out – speaks for itself, both physically and mentally

I want to have at least £2500 worth of savings– this could be towards a wedding fund/honeymoon/expenses , that I have saved

I want to treat my mum to a night/weekend away –she deserves it and I want her to see more of this beautiful country and not worry about everyday personal problems and illness.

I want to tone my arms and legs –everything else will follow, will need some serious ass kicking

I want to stop negatively over thinking in my head– I am very reserved and i care too much that people judge me that don’t really know me as a person. I am quiet but i am always thinking, sometimes its negative thoughts and i can become awkward to be around socially. I don’t mean to be but it’s because in my head i worry certain people don’t like me, it sounds silly, but i really am a nice person. I have made mistakes like we all have but it doesn’t define me as a person.

I want to take my photography to the next level – begin printing onto canvases/postcards and car boot/fairs e.t.c.

I want to stop being sensitive to situations beyond my control- whether it’s from my upbringing ( biological parents breakdown of marriage, a second marriage which ended in divorce because of domestic violence and abuse and a father far away and still finding himself, but i also never went without anything, was always loved, but felt lonely even with sisters around)   or natural instincts these are the things that has shaped who I am today. I am a sensitive person and i mostly cover it up and can be stubborn and defensive but will always smile at you for genuine reasons. I have been brought up in such a way that i am an introvert in life. I am not naturally talkative, i over think a situation/scenario so much that i get involved emotionally, sometimes out of maturity but i have settled in my own skin so i am much more confident in myself now.

I want my Instagram and Blog to take off -what I mean by this is i want to be more active on here and on my Instagram, i want to create more great content for myself and users alike.

I want to read and write more -get myself lost in a good story and also in my own thoughts too. I thank Abii again for introducing me to writing ( or mostly in my case typing) my deepest and darkest thoughts, its like a form of therapy.

These are all things I am working on personally that are realistic. This is also part of my journey to finding myself and my place in this world, wherever and whomever it takes me to.

What are your aspirations? What are your short-term goals? Are you still discovering who you are?


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