My Short Story: “The Box”

So i was trawling through some old memorabilia the other day. We all have those bags somewhere. Well i came across some old school work i did back in 6th form (10 years ago now). I was 16 years old and we had to write a short story as part of our performing arts class, with the intention of reading out loud to engage the audience attention, get them wrapped up in a story. It was basically a vocal exercise. Anyway….here it is. It is hilarious reading it now. some of the vocabulary and descriptions are quite ridiculous!!! There are so many things i would change now. It’s like an insight into the evolution of my imagination! i didn’t name it at the time but have decided to name in the title above.

Enjoy…..please bear with it, its like 3 and a half A4 pages long, double-sided….

Content Warning: Graphic and violent descriptions, suspense and horror theme throughout ( seems to be a recurring theme here )

Some Say it was Hoax. Some say it was pure coincidence. Some say it was the doings of the devil himself. But i know the truth about the events that occurred in Madelyn forest that night.

I remember that day, when me and 3 other friends decided to camp out in those woods. i remember a small rectangular box that my boyfriend, Carl, secretly planted in my best friends rucksack just before we left.

I never thought anything of the small box. I decided it wasn’t important. Carl never came with us. He said he didn’t like the woods.

So there we were. Tent was set up. The Fire was blazing. Marshmallows were being cooked. My friend Jessica decided she wanted to smoke so she rummaged through her bag and took the cigs out. She found the small box that Carl had put in there earlier. It was only now, at that very instant, that i sensed a un explainable presence in the woods. I looked through the darkness of the forest and realized just how dark and alone we were. The fire was the only light and i felt safe just knowing it was there. But that feeling that was sending shivers down my spine…that feeling of someone watching never went away…..

Jessica opened the box and as she did, i could hear whispers. Whispers that were talking to me? “Blood…Kill….Sin”. Whispers i couldn’t quite understand the meaning of. Urgent Whispers. Angry and Murderous chants? “Blood…Kill….Sin.” It continued. And still the sense of being watched. Once more the chants were repeated and then it was gone…

Even when i persisted, my friends refused to believe what i had just heard and Jessica threw the empty small box into the fire.

As the box touched the fire it wouldn’t burn….we thought it was impossible that cardboard could not burn.

As Jess leaned over to inspect the box in the fire, we heard someone whistling not 3 meters from where we sat by the fire. Our tent started flapping as though a gust of wind suddenly picked up, but around our fire it was calm and silent…too silent.

The voices of children laughing, footsteps approaching, the air was suddenly freezing. Stones were being thrown from behind us in all directions into the fire, hitting the small box and i screamed…”What’s happening!!”  branches were snapping, the constant whistling coming from what could only be described as a mutilated psychopath.

Nothing could be seen.

Brenda suddenly got up and ran. Ran anywhere but here. She was gone. Trudy started after here shouting ” Where are you going?!” Tears running down her face and Brenda did not reply.

Just before Trudy could no longer be seen by the firelight, she was hoisted by her feet into midair…by NOTHING. The top half of her body began rotating clockwise and her waist downwards rotating the opposite. Her bones cracked until there was nothing left to crack. Blood and spinal fluid was seeping. Bone and Flash separated and her neck began twisting, cracking. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and disappeared. The red blood-shot whites of her eyes burst and the CROAKING of her voice as this was happening……….

All the while i was witnessing my best friend being shred to pieces i was frozen in terror. I couldn’t move. I wanted to run but then i heard the whistling and children laughing and this time they were crying out ….”Blood….Kill…..Sin”.

And then Jess….she was still next to me. She just sat there staring at me, laughing at me as though it was some practical joke. She stared, keeping her cold green eyes fixed on me. I was too scared to keep on looking at her. I gasped “Why are you laughing at me? What’s happening? Trudy’s dead!! Don’t you care??”.

She kept laughing at me and i ran into the woods until the noises had faded and i was all alone in the dark. It was silent. No more whistling, no more laughing, no more bones cracking.

I could hear my own breathing as i walked and ran trying to find my way out of the woods. I was trying to makes sense of what had just happened and why.

That wasn’t Jess back there. Someone or SOMETHING had taken control of her.

This had all happened because of the small box. I still to this day, do not know what powers the box possessed.

I kept on walking and brushed my cheeks with my hands and it was moist. i flicked my lighter on. On my hands was a mixture of tears and blood. I was covered in it. I could taste it in my mouth and just as i was about to turn my lighter off i caught a glimpse of something glistening inches away from the tree that stood before me.

I shined my lighter closer and even as i approached i knew it was Brenda. She had a rat wedged in her mouth and was tied to the tree in a shape of a cross. Her tongue had been burned off. I thought i was hallucinating but i knew what i saw. Brenda was crying tears of blood and i saw her eyes move as she hung there with her intestines mashed up around her neck like a necklace had been placed. And the stink………

She tried to cry out but she couldn’t and i was so scared. My heart pounding again. Feeling sick. I wanted to help her but it all happened so fast.

I was just frozen looking at her and all of a sudden i felt warm breath on my neck and i was no longer crying and all was silent again. There was quiet breathing on my neck and then i heard whistling next to my ear. For what seemed like a lifetime, i stood there before Brenda’s body with the constant whistling in my ear, i tried to elbow at whatever it was behind me but all that i reached was thin air. So i ran and ran…..

I didn’t stop till i got home. Relief. Safe at Last………..?

The people in my village where i lived, heard about the murders in the woods that night, Of course, nobody believed my story. They said i was making it up and to be honest? i wouldn’t believe it either. They thought i had freaked out and was just fooling around being a typical teenage prankster.

My friends parents believed that Brenda, Jess and Trudy would be back as planned the next afternoon….they never returned of course. Police search parties went into those woods, the local neighbor hood watch went looking…..I even gave them directions to our camp. No traces of any tents, no footprints, no burn marks of a lit fire, no blood…nothing….

Everyone was devastated, i suffered in silence for years.

The morning post arrived. I received a small package. No message. Just a small rectangular box………..


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