My Little Box Unboxed : April Flower Book

Absolute Elegance, Spring and Fruity Freshness is this months theme to My Little Box.

It is always such giddy excitement when i get that delivery at my door between the 10th and 20th.

I am so glad that i chose My Little Box as my monthly subscription. I love that there isn’t an abundance of makeup products as i am very simple. I use skin care yes, in fact i have a rather luxurious taste in skincare (Origins, Arbonne and looking for other organic and cruelty free companies)  and i have a strict routine now ( Cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer twice a day)  so i love the skincare more than makeup. I only use foundation and a bit of mascara. I’m working on great skin by making changes to my skincare and diet so that eventually i wont need to put on a layer of foundation everyday.


The unique. quirky and french company has simply done it again.

Pochette Pour Lingerie by Balzac Paris – an elegant pouch for those silky, delicate underwear items.

Jardin d’Appartement- a mini garden for your flat. Water it everyday and small plants will sprout for your home. Such a cute little addition. I just need to remember to water it.

My Little Beauty– has an absolute beauty of a 5 minute detox face mask in my box this month.  Its fruity scent and quick to use convenience gives it a thumbs up. I literally am in pure hope that My Little Beauty will  deliver in the UK in the near future…as it stands it is unavailable and this is sad news for now.

L’Occitane Shower Gel – cute, fragrant with floral and lather’s up just like i would expect. Travel size, however i have used it and is almost gone. Pleasant product, nothing overly special.

Nails Inc Base Coat- this is an area i am completely uneducated on.  I have never been interested in manicures or any kind of nail attention. So this one i am gifting out to anyone who wants it and will get use out of it.

The Flower Magazine Edition- each box comes with it’s own unique magazine themed approriately. This months had exclusive features and is always something different to browse through with elegance and style ! I don’t want to give anythign away, infact i think you should just subscribe 🙂

I am keeping the gorgeous book it came in to fill with whatever takes my eye. It will then go on the shelves (in my case the windowsill as i do not have a shelf) as a lovely display. Over the next few years i might fill it with cute things !

Once again i am another happy consumer. Bring on My Little May Box!!!


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