“The Man in the High Castle” 


Is anyone watching this? 

I am on episode 6 and am absolutely encaptured… By the characters, the historic references, the actors, the setting, the suspense, the mystery, the intrigue, the secrets, the brutality, the relationships, the hierarchy, the corruption and the attention to detail…. By detail I mean HOW they have envisioned and created a world where the Nazis and the Japanese have complete power and control. Detail of the economic evolution. Detail of social traditions and public duties…….

What once was the freedom of America has now been twisted and turned upside down on its head in a climactic movement. It’s incredible to watch it unfold in such an addictive series so far.

I don’t like giving spoilers and I don’t like  other people spoiling it for me either so I have kept this post short and sweet and not giving anything away whatsoever. 

I love how TV shows have evolved to be  such great reality escapes and captures the pure magic of human imagination. 

What I love most about The Man in the High Castle are the strong characterisations of the people and the struggles they face both internally and externally for public appearance. It portays the repressive nature of the times    and raw emotion is present through each episode. Julianna and Frank are my favourite people in it. They have so much heart and so much hurt which keeps their characters fresh in my mind.  

I simply cannot wait for the revelation and also am hoping there is some kick ass justice ! How about you? 


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