May Beginnings and ‘wins’….

I literally cannot believe it is May already.

I have been quiet lately online and working in the restaurant industry has taken up most of my time for writing and doing the things i want…but that’s life.

I wanted to do a quick update on here to show that i am not giving up blogging or instagrammin’, but in fact am just living life as it happens.

The season has begun over the bank holiday weekend. Which means all the ‘happy and non fussy people of Britain’ descend upon Cornwall to stay and dine………queue a rather sarcastic post about customer service and the people i get to meet….including someone who thinks its OK to walk in to our restaurant, ask for a table for 2  while they eat their pasties they have just bought from the bakery next door….they had no intention on dining, they just wanted a table out of the rain to eat their food…………….WTH

SUNSHINE! As i write this the sun is shining, hazy skies and a comfortable 16 Degrees outside…..while i am inside chilling sitting on my lounge sofa with a cup of coffee and watching This Morning, Loose Women, ordering some summer shoes online, online banking, sipping on green tea, washing dishes…… all before i start my shift at work later on today.

I am feeling pretty lazy today, my skin has broken out over the past week and this stresses me out, i have had a good run of good skin lately but all of a sudden i have mountains on my face grrrr…..I have lost half a stone though over the past 2 months, so there’s a small ‘win’ right there but i seriously need to work on my health more….don’t we all??

I have finally sorted my finances out and joined the adult world…i have been accepted for a credit card…..and it is such a great feeling ( win) I always struggled in the dull winter hours of Cornwall however now i no longer need to have that worry in the back of my mind.

My car broke down the other week. Completely rusted underneath and power steering liquid leaked so i am sending it to the scrap as it’s not worth the expense anymore……. now i have a shiny new car to drive with many more safety features….and it is very pretty to look at!! So that’s another Win’ for me !!

I have managed to watch 2 entire separate TV shows…..binge watching Amazon Prime Video and Netflix is soooo easy to do right?!

I am off to go get ready for work and get my face and hair looking somewhat presentable and professional! I have a busy month coming up with work and various things that have been organised but i hope to post in a few days or so !!!

Have a good day/eve/morning to all !


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