I am a Waitress #1

Hello fellow human beings…..I refer to you as human beings for a reason. A very simple reason. I AM A HUMAN BEING. 

And this means that I have feelings. I have cognitive intelligence. I have a life. I can reason. I have the ability to make decisions and rationalise….. But I also have every capability of killing someone……. I will make a mistake sooner or later….. I’m only human after all ………. I think SOMETIMES people forget that about me when they see me in my uniform at work and see me simply as “that waitress at that restaurant”. 

On an average day in season I can serve up to and over (most of the time) 150 people.  This number is NOT including the guests checking in to the accommodation, which can be up to 30. 

With the amount of footfall passing through for light lunches, a quick coffee or an evening meal, I apologise in advance of I do not recognise each individual face. I apologise that I do not remember what table you were sitting at the other day. I apologise if I do not memorise your order when you came in for breakfast……last week.  I apologise that I do not remember you like a semi skimmed decaf latte. I apologise if I ask you for your name when you come down to the bar to book a table for the restaurant, when I have only just checked you into your room not 30 minutes beforehand. I apologise that I do not have a photographic memory. I apologise that you feel the need to complain angrily when you have not got a table booked with us, you are adamant you phoned earlier and show us the phones dial history only to be told that the number you dialled was the pub across the road…..lol

I might have a rant every now and then about my job, but despite that I do like it. Plus if I didn’t have a little bitch, I don’t think I WOULD be human! 

Have you any funny stories or rants about working in the restaurant industry? I’d love to swap stories! 


One thought on “I am a Waitress #1

  1. Thank you for writing this- my husband and I have a ‘life rule’ – always thank the person who serves you and if possible thank the cook! Service jobs are very difficult I applaud you! And while you might not be my waitress I hope you are tipped well and that everyday someone will treat you as well as you deserve!

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