DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD….Be a decent human being instead

CONTENT WARNING : I am about to post something rather out of the ordinary, rather rude,definitely  offensive and very foul language. I talk briefly of the sex industry and what i witness as a modern women. Its a random mixture of opinions and comments from me.  I may be quiet, but i am also SOMEWHAT wise and educated. If you do not want to read an opinion from a 21st century woman who is sick to death of society and the messed up world of the social media and the devolving society we live in, then please just close this tab on your browser/mobile/tablet whatever….just don’t read on if this is not for you… but if it is for you id love to hear your personal opinions and outlook on this topic!  I won’t apologise but instead warn you again that I speak in graphic detail in order to portray how strong I feel on this particular subject(I’ve decided to not share this directly on my Facebook  ,like I normally would ,for personal and quite obvious reasons, so if you have found this post through other means then great and thank you and have a good read ) 

I have come to the decision ( to be honest it didn’t take long)  that i dislike greatly what society has deemed Respectable, OK and Universal. By this, i mean the the mindless ( and endless) pictures, videos and “news worthy” social media of celebrities and non celebrities sharing their naked selfies and home made porno’s and whatever else,for all of mankind to see ( lets face it, its never just half naked in a bikini anymore, which i think would still be classy ). I AM SICK OF IT.

Gone are the days of having beautiful women, adding value and meaning to society. Gone are the days of women speaking out and having an important opinion politically or something with REAL empowerment like maybe a breakthrough in science, saving the planet (those are the people we should be praising our attention too)  instead,  nowadays we get our tits out and play with ourselves on camera for money, attention, to “feel empowered”,a quick fix or whatever just some ridiculous reason we seriously believe is going to get us some where in life or is going to find us happiness……..WTF!! Since when did we DEVOLVE as a gender or as a society for that matter. 

I am all for equality for women. It is fantastic that we women are able to express our sexuality more openly than ever before in the history of humans.     I am in a happy, healthy sexual relationship with a long term partner. Discussing our wants and needs in and out of the bedroom is VERY important in order for fulfillment e.t.c…. if all couples did this i think there would be no want for infidelity or to want any other stimulation. I don’t believe i am a prude. I really enjoy physical intimacy, its natural durr…………..I just want people to use their own imagination ( if you know what i mean… wink wink) I want to FEEL WANTED, i want my partner to WANT ME, not just want me because he saw some stranger of a slut doing something extreme on the screen getting paid to fake it and then expects me to perform like a porn star… can fuck off quite frankly! 

I get it……women are HOT (yes men too). I know that. We all know that.

Rihanna. Stunning lady, extremely talented, has a great career. She is a perfect example………have you seen her latest music videos??? She is butt naked ( fair enough you don’t EXACTLY see her fanny) tits out and all….LIKE REALLYYY?????????????????? Why would she degrade her natural talent and natural beauty and just sing about sex????? her newest song isn’t even good, but it will probably do well because of the video…….. There is something not right happening in today’s society…………….

I am not saying EVERY women or person on the planet is like this, i am simply saying that society and social media has had the most significant and substantial influence on what we choose to believe….we are almost coerced into believing the shit on social media and we don’t even realize (or chose to ignore) its happening. Social media has so much influence, its like the matrix. If we are shown or told ONE THING over and over and over and over and over again….over a life time it will become a belief, a new normal instilled in the deepest part of our brains. Social media has done that to us in as little as 15 years.  A generation has been born, desensitized  by the absurd ,shallow,fake, dangerous and photo shopped world of the internet. I just hope in this day and age, there are still people and parents out there teaching good morals, respecting people and about being honest and communicating to those closest to you, without resorting to the sometimes vile world of social media and the internet in general.

Maybe it’s because I have been brought up in what some called a repressed Britain, maybe not…… I don’t believe I am defined by my country. I just know what I know through my experiences and what not. I also can completely see the other side of this discussion. Maybe we should be exposing ourselves more often and sharing our sex videos and posting our nipples on Instagram…..No wait….sorry there is no positive there (unless you count the strangers and perverts getting off over you in which case you may want to seek therapy) 

I am just glad i still have learned some class, SOME elegance,some  self awareness and for the most part self respect and values AND I still have a great sex life. So screw you world! If the whole world has seen it, what makes you so unique and special after? 

Maybe I’m being too negative about the subject, I may have extreme views to some, but there is absolutely no denying what is happening to the new generation! I just don’t know the intimate solution other than to lead by example..

I will be a mother in the not too distant future….. 

Just remember those people you are looking at, perhaps getting off on and to some extent almost supporting on your screens and social feed are someone’s daughters and sons……is that what you hoped and dreamed they would aspire to be in life?  THINK ABOUT THAT FOR A SECOND

What are your thoughts? I’d love to know if you have a completely different opinion on it and DISCUSS no arguing allowed though thank you. 


One thought on “DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD….Be a decent human being instead

  1. Right.
    You’re right. The 21st century has grown to have a certain perverted and distorted version of reality. Things have really become somewhat unreal.
    Rihanna is a hell of a lady. Honestly, when she broke through, those amazing years were nothing short of phenomenal. I don’t know. Oh well.
    To that effect, Let me give an example of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. A gem of a song. But the video just ruins it. I have spent hours trying to figure out what it meant to no serious effect honestly. Oh well. Never really was a fan.
    But let me just add. Like I said, self awareness is something that varies from people to people. So distorted. Almost unreal.
    Happy blogging. Keep writing. 🙂

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