Random Late Night thoughts….

Good evening one and all! 

I am in one of those mind zones this week where I have no idea really what day it is that day. I have had zero excursions, meaning I have not been out with the camera/phone taking pictures of this glorious part of the county in this warm weather we have had….major sad face…

… Ok so some of that has got to do with the fact that I have had 1 FULL day off since last Monday(2nd) and the day that I did have off , I chilled the hell out on the sofa watching Netflix with my man and having a couples day , then we dined out for dinner that evening with a gin and tonic….or 2 …and of course the weather was miserable that day….typical! 

I have probably got a good wage at the end of the month though and so I will be happy with the extra money to pay for my car. Yay! 

I went for a coffee today…..this was probably the second Highlight of my day, the first highlight being able to spend the day half lying in with the significant other. It’s genuinely these times that I appreciate my relationship and the FEW people I have in my life….. Coffee is Life After all…..

I was asked to partake in the sweepstake at work for the Eurovision Song Contest…. I just stared at them and told them I would rather spend money on updating my wardrobe… I literally have no care for this Annual? contest…I’ll stick to BGT or X factor, it’s less cheese and more entertaining. There is always a sweepstake for something at work… I just literally cannot be bothered to bet on something that I have no interest in…id get more luck on a scratch card anyway.

How do people live without smartphones by the way? We had some customers at work and they had been walking the coast path around Cornwall, hadn’t booked a room beforehand, walked in and of course they were foreign tourists but spoke good English. I told them sorry we are full for the next 2 evenings. They asked me if there was anywhere else available and could we book them in….. First of all NO, I am not a holiday booking agent and Secondly I told them that they best look up online for convenience…. They stopped for coffee and so I told them they can use our free wifi…. To which they said they had no phones/tablet /computer….. Like wth? How can you be walking the  entire Cornish coast path( which by the way you can now get 3g/4g on most clifftops ) with no prior arrangements or knowledge of local accommodation for your next destination at the beginning of peak season, you have no way of using any map systems like Google or Apple so you can plan your route and KNOW where you are and what’s next, what stops to make along the way and of course you can book accommodation, PLAN your route with ease….. You have every bit of information there is to know in the entire world including  tips on travelling and walking the coast path and you do not have ANY form of updated information or location at hand….. Plus you can purchase things with your phone nowadays for convenience and safety… It baffles me how some people are so reluctant to join the 21st century…. Technology is a blessing…. Yes ok we may take it for granted when we are mindlessly trawling the Internet for cat videos and the like, but when you have everything there is to know about everything at the press of a button, why would you risk being misinformed by ancient methods of communication or information collecting! What do you think? 

I have every intention of writing something more fulfilling soon, I just actually need an adventure or some creative instincts to kick in….I am NOT giving up on this blog, like I give up everything else I start! I have Mays Italian themed My Little Box to write about tomorrow evening so cannot wait to talk about that and review it! Anything Italian is just so classic and elegant! 

Goodnight ! 


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