My Little Box : May “Dolce Vita”


It’s that time of the month again when i get a special delivery to my door! This months theme could not have been more appreciated! It’s everything ITALIAN!!!

If you do not know already…… i am in love with Italy. The food, the people, the coffee,the country and the classic lifestyle it offers.  (Here is a sneak peek)

So when i received this month’s My Little Box i could not be more excited!! (please do go and treat yourself to a box, even if its only a one off!!)

I love the elegant gold accessory ring in this CUTE little box. Such a nice touch. I do not wear earrings so this is a piece of jewelry i will wear to glam up for the summer.

Included was a My Little Beauty product which is included in EVERY box. This months product is a delicate self tanner for your legs ( i think it can be used for the body too). I have never EVER used any self tan products or been under any sunbed or spray tan…i am not a fan of self tan. I barely bother with a real tan, however i am very tempted to give this a go and maybe i will change my mind! After all My Little Beauty NEVER fails to impress and dazzle with their products!

There was also included a Baija Paris body oil which i am yet to use in the shower. It is all very french, very romantic smelling.

Everything is just so cute with this subscription box. Including the cute scent that i received also in a cute little spray. The fragrance is very old school floral with a hint of musk and elegance. It’s not the usual scent i like, however there is something too elegant to not have a splash on in the morning!

Thought i would make this post short and sweet as i am day dreaming about Italy!!! Bring on Southern Italy Oct’17!!

Oh yeah this cute little headband came in the box… A gift from Rome!

  Arrivederci !!! 


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