Discovering Myself through Words: Part 3

What a difference a weekend off makes, after a long month of work madness and no real time for myself or to work on my blog and some content inspiration. I have finally had a moment! (Kind of…I began this post 6 days ago and haven’t exactly got round to doing much) Celebrated my sisters 30th with a spa treatment not too long ago, dinner bed and breakfast in a gorgeous Torquay Hotel and it was such a treat and an escape from..well..just an escape really and quality time with my sisters. 

 I am feeling refreshed (not so much after a 14 hour shift in half term)  and ready to soldier on with whatever life throws my way! 

I always try to keep these posts short and sweet so here is what I have discovered this month that have made me well up, think positive,simply been entertaining or just exactly what I needed to hear! Hope you enjoy! And if you have any quotes or wise words which have motivated you in some way I’d love to hear from you! 

(I’ve decided to change it up slightly and give a small explanation into each quote)

Be with someone who would drive 5 hours, just to see you for one ~     

Ok so Lee didn’t drive 5 hours, but he did drive 1 hour and 40 minutes in the middle of the night to where I was living at the time to bring me paracetamols and spent a few hours asleep before he had work in the morning…. He’s sooooo cute like that and such a gentlemen! 

Anything is possible if you got enough nerve! ~ J.K.Rowling

Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind, self respect, values, morals or self worth~ 

I can relate to this in particular regarding various people in work/personal life. I now have some coping mechanisms in place so I don’t go crazy! 

I don’t care how well you think you used to know me; unless you are in my life now, you don’t know anything about me ~FB attitude to inspiration…

 I think EVERYONE can relate to this! I personally think you can never truly know anyone unless you are in their life as a constant. I’ve been learning to grow as a person for the past 7 years since being with Lee and I have a completely different mentality and maturity than my past self…..for the better ! 

The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains, gives hope to many people ~ unknown 

Just LOL! 

TRUTH ACHE: A nudging sense of falsity, A palpable hunger for true-path, A truth ache is what we experience internally when we are not honoring our souls purpose or simply living a lie in relationships or other areas of our life. ~ Jeff Brown

True that! 

That’s all folks! I’m knackered !


One thought on “Discovering Myself through Words: Part 3

  1. Haha. Some of the quotes were funny and pretty damn apt.
    Loved the jellyfish one, specially.
    And you’re lucky you’re with someone who drives an hour and a half to meet you. I am too lazy to even walk five minutes to meet up with someone, girlfriend be damned. But these things do matter. In so many ways. 🙂
    Like I said, you’re lucky.

    Liked by 1 person

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