I am a Waitress #2: Customer Complaints

As some of you may already know, I AM A WAITRESS…. Meaning customer service is my job. I have a duty to take your orders and serve your food whilst being professional, slightly knowledgable and able to help you and “go that extra mile” so that you are satisfied,happy and your bellies are full…..

…I am of course thrilled to do this for you. I try to keep complaining about my job to a minimum especially when it comes to customer service and the extra tasks I do in order for you to have a great experience in the restaurant. I have this annoying conscious which triggers my guilt if I do not AT THE LEAST TRY and cater to your requests. 

If you work in the hospitality industry, you will always be told ” the customer is always right”…. The TRUTH??? “The customer is NOT right the majority of the time, they just do not UNDERSTAND” .  

We restaurant workers are human. Humans make mistakes….it happens….and it’s so frustrating when it is the restaurant staffs mistakes…. SOMETIMES a meal will come out with the wrong accompaniments or something missed…. SOMETIMES my memory is on overload, whilst I was running past your table with my hands full of dirty plates and you shouted a drinks order at me or you want some extra ice or sauce….SOMETIMES I will forget, because you do not understand that i am reciting a dessert order and a coffee order IN MY HEAD from my OTHER tables, YOU are not my only table! 

If Your waitress does not WRITE your order down then once in a blue moon your order will not go through the till and is forgotten….even if you are the most experienced and efficient person….IT WILL HAPPEN…..it is just a rare occurrence and we will apologise and do everything we can to resolve mistakes quickly there and then so that the customer can leave on a high note and not a bitter taste or opinion (or a bad online review) 

I have a long list of stories from over the years I have worked this industry, ranging from verging on justified to the outright ridiculous, absurd and even violent threats….yes I mean violent! 

Specifically I remember one time in the middle of a VERY hot, VERY busy day in the school holidays, kitchen couldn’t fit anymore orders on their tabs, customers and staff running in and out of the garden (fits around 100 people ) also FULL inside seating when a family of 6 come in……. I love families as long as they are well behaved and respect the busy waiting times as CLEARLY we are very busy….anyway , they are sat (not by me) and the waitress who sat them down felt a bad vibe from the get go. Their order was taken, drinks taken to table, 25-35 minute wait on food which they were warned as they entered and this is normal when it’s busy. 

They seemed fine….when their food arrived I did the usual 3-5 minute check to see if everything was OK…..it was NOT….first of all whoever took their order got the wrong combination for their burger (no relish or something ) so naturally the chef just cooked and prepared exactly what was written on the ticket ….. I apologised to the man on everyone’s behalf and said we will get it sorted…. Then somehow the kitchen managed to send the burger bun out WRONG this time and I tried to get the customer (the husband) to explain EXACTLY how he wanted the burger to be presented on the plate but it was too late…… The man and woman of the table(husband and wife) had clearly had a bad afternoon or had an argument before they entered and decided to just cause uproar and continue their domestic this time deflecting it onto is. They began shouting at the manager and slating and swearing and god knows what, basically telling us that we are disgusting( in those words EXACTLY) 5 meals out of 6 were great and were eaten. The kids of the group were eating happily and so was the wife so i don’t really understand why SHE was suddenly outraged….I can only think they were HANGRY (HE was atleast)

 They BOTH decided enough was enough (even though eventually the burger combination was correct )but as I said it was too late….. The wife came to the bar and shouted and pretty much spat at the manager, she bumps her fists on the side counter and decided that she would run to the other side of the restaurant and and proceed to tell our other customers that we are vile and unhygienic, at the top of her lungs  (  unfortunately, unlucky for us , at the same time our toilet’s sink was broken (we only have one) by some kids earlier, so for roughly 45 minutes there was no hand washing facility whilst the plumber came in to fix it) so she decides to grab everyone’s attention and belts out some ridiculous statement and tells everyone they should probably leave…….. The husband and wife were truly OUTRAGED…..I should mention that our manager used to be a teacher so is professional and very good at handling confrontations,has good psychology techniques so as to calm down situations and mentality e.t.c so he crouches down to the man and starts talking quietly to him (crouching and lowering your body level decreases the threat level subconsciously) with full eye contact too but unfortunately this man had obviously seen red and had NO REASON or UNDERSTANDING left in him and as he begins to walk out with his family he says to the manager he will be back later to kill him…….all I remember is thinking about those poor kids who have absolute dicks for parents and have some seriously bad role models… I hope they felt guilty afterwards and ashamed…but I just know they haven’t it in them.

This is probably the worst situation i have witnessed in my time in this industry….all other customer complaints seem small and manageable compared to that day.  I am lucky enough to NOT have to deal with major complaints myself instead we have to refer the customer to the manager  (1 of 2) if it’s something that cannot be resolved by us front of house. SOME complaints call for the manager to deal with. But sometimes the customer will find the manager just regurgitating exactly what I have just said to them ( apparently my knowledge and skills aren’t enough for some customers) A LOT of the time we servers know what to say and what to do and can answer and resolve any problems.

Peace out! 


3 thoughts on “I am a Waitress #2: Customer Complaints

  1. That totally sucks I’ve seen people misbehave with the staff not just at restaurants, but department stores, grocery stores . It’s pathetic how they think they are justified in behaving like jerks just because they happen to be a paying customer . Someone really needs to taser these jerks 😡

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