Life Happens…..

Ahh life……

It gets away with you. I think it secretly enjoys passing by in the blink of an eye…

Work has been busy and time-consuming and even though that is ok with me, it does make me want to get away!!

This year i have an Edinburgh Adventure planned with my significant other and his parents this December. Full of whisky, german christmas markets and history. It is my favourite place to visit in the UK. It is literally like stepping back in time, with its cobbled streets and eerie graveyards..PLUS the towering famous castle and the EXTINCT volcano in the centre, Arthurs Seat. This city makes for the perfect dream destination for photographers.

But right now i am just looking forward to August where we venture to the Plymouth Fireworks Championships each year. It’s a 2 nights break in the middle of a busy summer at work and makes every bit of difference mentally! There is always a big fun fair and great atmosphere on The Hoe.

What i really want is to just travel all summer……its frustrating not being able to take holiday between April and October. November to March however is the time in which i am able to because this is the rules of the industry i work in…Sometime that doesn’t make sense because the summer is when we have a LOT of seasonal staff to cover, but it is something i have accepted and just get on with it.

On another note, i have a new Macbook!!!! All these hours DO have benefits after all!

There will come a time where there will be more important things in my life to prioritise and i will EVENTUALLY despise the hospitality industry and will EVENTUALLY find what i am meant to do in this world. I truly believe that i am destined to do MORE with my life than just be a waitress….. i just have not found my THING. For now its easy money, pays the bills and a few luxuries……more and more i am beginning to understand that this SHOULD NOT be my long-term income…..there is no room for progress, stepping up the ladder, opportunities e.t.c. i am not in control of anything when it comes to my job, other than whether or not i turn up. I understand the majority of people working do not have any control.

I am fine with this….FOR NOW. I don’t know….maybe i dream too much.

Or maybe i just need to grow some balls and DO something.

I am enrolling in a 6 week beginners  DSLR photography class in the Autumn which is something i have been meaning to do for a long time but it is just IMPOSSIBLE to do in the spring/summer months as work hours are extremely erratic. I cannot wait to be taught how to use my Nikon D3100 in person. I have a very keen eye when it comes to what i like and what i capture, but i am unable to properly use my camera and take advantage of its capabilities. I have watched a few videos and looked online to learn about exposure and light but i find it very difficult to digest and remember information, so by enrolling on this course i am committing myself to learning and improving PLUS the fact i will be spending money on it which is a big motivator for me.

I love the creator inside me. I love nature. I love landscapes. I love Little Moments. 

I began my Instagram account with no particular intentions, but i think now every picture i capture and share is a little bit of me. A little bit of what i think. A little bit of what i love. A little snippet of my life as it happens. And a little bit of my imagination through images. I capture moments of MY life. I capture the mundane and the beautiful, wether it be a day in the countryside or a cup of coffee.

Most of all i want my Instagram to reflect MY reality. I want this blog to reflect that too. I might not have anything very interesting to say all the time….sorry. I also may talk about random topics too and go a bit off track….like now.

It has taken me about 2 weeks  to write this post….i sat down and began writing and then my mind just blocked. I could not think of a single thing to say. I find it difficult to continue something i have started…..but LIFE HAPPENS i suppose…….


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