Life Happens…it certainly does


Hello is always a good place to start. I suppose i should keep this post shortish.

I believe my last post was in June……after that it got really busy with work. I am a waitress in Cornwall and this means rushing around for 4 months of the year and then hibernation for the winter…. i love the hibernation part of my lifestyle. Enough time ( and just enough money ) to reevaluate and re-energize your mind and to just enjoy the NOW. The ME time, the family time and in fact its like living a life of leisure (spending at a minimum of course because you know….i haven’t reached financial freedom….YET!!! ). If you haven’t read my blog before I am a Waitress #1 explains a little.

I am spending the winter gaming, winter strolls on the beach and local coast, more time visiting my mum and sisters ( this might seem like an everyday occurrence to some but seeing my family is harder to schedule in during the busy working months) but mostly I’m reconnecting with myself and trying to connect with others. I am such an introvert and i think it has become unhealthy for me to not have ANY social life, no one to just talk to or just drink wine with. I am not in any way depressed or have any negative feelings because of this, but i see how easy it is for others to have a friend round for a cup of tea ( in my case it would have to be coffee….sorry) and i am not jealous.

Maybe i haven’t found my tribe?? Or maybe i accidentally let them go.

I don’t do new years resolutions. “New Year, Keep on Keeping On” i say!

I began an Online Photography Diploma with The Photography Institute, with the intention of getting that diploma AND also the Advanced. Why i have waited so long to pursue my passion and develop my learning i cannot answer. But it’s never too late and I remember reading somewhere THE TIME IS NOW and i truly believe it.

Had a fantastic getaway to Edinburgh Early December, i love that city. It truly offers everything and much beauty and history. The christmas markets and generally christmas time is truly magical!!! My current top spot for holidays staying in the UK would be Edinburgh.

I love the feeling of jetting off to some place……in fact me and my other half are jetting off somewhere next week!!!  I have the travel itch and decided we could do it on a budget and so we booked 4 nights away. There will be snow-capped mountains, lakes, history, great coffee and food…..thats all i will say for now!!!

Destination will be revealed on my Instagram….daily stories e.t.c. find me @jennyjmphotos ! I’d love to connect with like-minded creatives and thinkers.



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