Life is Short… Slow Down 

Hello there

Just thought I’d write a quick post about my experience this morning ….

My usually commute to my workplace (just over 3 miles) down a quaint Cornish coastal road is bliss…. yes ok there is the odd tractor and flock of sheep taking a few minutes out of my day but by gosh it’s a beautiful one and by no means a stressful one.

However today I had to leave my wonderful morning commute and make my way 28 miles away to the town of St Austell from my home in Tintagel….. I left just after 7am and having done this route many times I was expecting usual work traffic and commuters and a pleasant drive. It’s a 50mph road between Camelford to Bodmin. A bendy, country lane with narrow sections and sharp corners. Certainly a road which warrants the speed limit….

So there I was. A very calm driver, I left giving  my self plenty of time and sticking to the speed limits, waivering around the 49-51 mark. Perfectly safe and perfectly adequate speeds for the road…… There was plenty of oncoming traffic. Yes TRACTORS and local delivery vans and larger vehicle varieties. So as each one passed I lightly lower my speed by a couple of miles per hour as the road is narrow and well… it’s safer to do so as common sense would tell…… or so you would think. As I am lightly pressing my brake, the driver behind me decides to overtake as a vehicle is literally seconds from passing he narrowly gets away and accelerates up the road ( I never catch up with it) this was the first I witness on this beautiful morning . No clouds in sight, a light frost and glorious sunshine. I think to myself, ” what’s the rush? ” and I mumble “idiot” out loud.

I continue and I take a mental calculation of how many cars overtook me during the 15/20 minute stretch of road….. 7.    7! 

I continue my journey past Bodmin onto the road just before BUGLE. This road is even busier as it’s almost 8.00 am and the vehicles are even bigger. There is a 40mph zone and I stick to it….. but do others? Certainly not…. I keep my distance from the vehicles in front of me ( one being a large Asda truck) someone is up my rear and you can just tell they are waiting to overtake …. I keep my cool as I always do( I may grumble a little inside lol) I continue my speed and the oncoming traffic is busy. There is vehicle after vehicle and then I see a work van passing with literally no more  than a 2 foot gap between himself and the car infront. I quickly winced as i thought I was about to witness an awful set of events. However my eyes followed them in my rear view mirror and they continued like that until they went around a bend…. I almost hope the car infront has to brake suddenly and then the work van driver hasn’t got time to brake safely JUST to teach him a lesson.! (Sadistic I know ) but at this point I’ve seen so many ignorant people…. 2 second rule should still count at slower speeds by my book.

I am shocked at how many people think it’s normal to not only break the speed limit but to also treat the roads as though it’s a motorway.  EVERYDAY I read/ hear about fatal road collisions, road closures , accidents, deaths and injuries and think to myself… ” that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest” I almost lose any empathy for those involved, especially if a driver is at fault for stupidity.

I have only been driving for 3and a half years but I still have the mindset of a brand new driver. I am looking out for those hazards and reckless drivers and I have more common sense than those who have been driving for most of their life !

I am so lucky I didn’t see any accidents today

My message to those using Cornish roads (all roads for that matter) would be please be safe. Please be aware of others. Please consider road safety. YOU are in control of others lives aswell as your vehicle and ONEs SELF .

Nothing is so important as to risk your life and others. Your loved ones or your boss will want you at your destination ALIVE not hurt or worse …

I can’t be alone in this right?


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