Why I am now a vegetarian….and now seriously thinking about veganism

So for a couple of years now I have taken a serious look at my diet, the impact I am having on the environment and general ethical aspect of my life… I have known vegans and vegetarians over the years and I never understood FULLY why they were. I was absolutely convinced I was doing nothing wrong in continuing to consume meat, like the rest of the world, I was ignorant to the industry and conditioned from the very beginning of my life. What people don’t realise is that what we consider to be normal and buy everyday is having a humongous devestating effect on not only our health but the planet too. I didn’t believe it before and in fact was adamant I couldn’t afford to change my eating habits…… boy was I completely wrong!

Let me try to explain to you…….

Over the years of my life, I had this view that vegans were absolutely off their heads on spirituality and peace and being completely self righteous, but having personally known a few people and with the growing community of vegan/vegetarian culture through social media, I have come to know that they are without a doubt the best people to know and learn from. The activists you hear about on fake news and ANY news is absolute bollocks. The media, over fantasise their lifestyle  and what they stand for in order to sell a story. These so called “nazi” vegans and “extremists” are portrayed to be evil when, infact ,they are the most compassionate people on this planet. They are standing up for the voiceless, what’s wrong with that?

First things first, for 27 years of my life I have been an avid meat lover. I knew I had to change my diet and I knew I wanted to help the environment in more ways. I LOVE this planet.  I have been slowly educating myself and this has been the best thing I could have ever done.  For a while there have been videos doing the rounds on social media about abused farm animals and the vile conditions most are kept in. Some shocking ones I saw, show the total disregard for young calves lives, the unhygienic “homes”, the cramped conditions and physical abuse that takes place….. all that I kept seeing was the stark and harsh reality of the meat industry. Yes, there are farmers out there who “look after” their animals and claim to “love” their farm and all the life in it….. however how can you “love” these animals and then sell them off and send them to their deaths? I just couldn’t keep ignoring this very simple fact. I couldn’t keep ignoring the fact that some animals are deemed food and yet others are seen as friends. Over the past 5 months I have been doing more and more research, finding more and more “humane methods” used in the industry, finding so many awful ways that factories and mass market, produces the food you see on the shelves everyday…… I found myself sickened. I then watched various documentaries  and even asked a few vegans online what it was that made them change their lifestyle ……. I then watched “COWSPIRACY” ,  this very real documentary ,in short , it doesn’t even touch upon animal cruelty directly, however it explains very scientifically that animal agriculture is the bane of our modern world. The rainforest deforestation problem? Animal agriculture. Human hunger and water shortages? Animal agriculture. The biggest “environmental and climate charities?”they are all sponsored by massive multi billion meat industry CEO’s, all which claim to want to stop global warming and save the planet and yet they all “deny” and ignore animal agriculture as being the main contributor to the destruction and pollution in the modern world …… because they are being funded by the farmers….. this is just FACT and yet it is the biggest thing that is being ignored…….. so……… animal cruelty aside ( but is still a big factor here) the number one problem in the world? human greed for control and money. ……..

There are a thousand different reasons to be vegetarian/vegan….. it’s a huge subject and yet the one that gets ignored the most.

There is an alternative to every animal product you consume….. and they are delicious and plant based and have no harmful side effects to our beautiful planet. If you saw the statistics of the environmental impact of a meat eater and a non meat eater, you would not consume meat. Farmers even agree that animal agriculture is not sustainable…..

I have no meat products in the house. I no longer buy milk. I have almond and soya and they are delicious and inexpensive. I have lots of Quorn products in my freezer, all the nutrients and protein your body needs, without the need for killing an animal. I have tried Vegan cheese and my boyfriend had no idea it wasn’t real cheese…… I do not miss meat. I do not miss the taste of a dead animal. I do consume occasional fresh fish…….. but again this is a transition for me. I do not buy farmed fish. The ocean is a whole other subject.

There are hundreds more reasons why I’m a vegetarian. There isn’t one reason why you can’t make a difference in this world. I made the change for the better. The only hard thing is having to defend yourselves amongst ignorant meat eaters. I feel slightly bullied at work ( I work in a restaurant full of meat head lovers) all male who act like a pack of wolves when I try to explain Veganism and vegetarians…… I’m so passionate about it that I get angry and defensive……. if you are a vegetarian or vegan please tell me how you deal with the haters? I’d love to be able to talk to people in a calm manner without getting so worked up about it….. please comment and give advice


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