All About Me

Hi, I’m Jenny! Living on the Cornish coast in Tintagel. Bit of an introvert and a Cancer (not really sure if my horoscope matters in daily life )

ASPIRING PHOTOGRAPHER I have one camera and one iPhone at hand 100% of the time wherever I may be venturing that day.

ULTIMATE WANDER LUSTER ….I always dream of landscapes bigger than this county! Got a taste of Italy back in October 2015 and had the most amazing 2 weeks of my existence with my fiancee, sunsets,wine,beautiful cities,beautiful coasts,beautiful culture and beautiful people. Queue some Italian Lifestyle and Travel posts!

PREOCCUPIED WAITRESS….. I am lucky enough to have a full time job in the hotel/restaurant industry…..all year round…it keeps me on my toes but I work with some class beings. I often feel after a 12 hour shift that I need a therapy session. I might release some energy and thoughts on here every so often!

I am In the happiest and healthiest relationship with a guy whom I had a crush on when I was 15! We got engaged in 2013 and we are planning our wedding…….very slowly……. We are in no rush. We have a few destinations on our bucket list to tick off before we ‘settle down’ and do the whole marriage,family,career thing.

I am a Coffee Addict. I am obsessed with good coffee, coffee art, a good bean…..COFFEE is a culture to me. I like to review eateries and coffee places (on TripAdvisor mostly lol) I often think all I want to do in life is eat out, drink coffee out, take pictures of my ventures and discover new places and get paid to write about it (With a little bit of general life along the way)

Interests include long walks, coffee shops,girl gamer i love horror and first person shooters/adventure also in movies too, fashion follower, travel and sophisticated lifestyle seeker. I also have begun to write short stories! Work in progress!

So here I am! Talking about Cornwall Living, Cornish struggles and everything in between LIFE HAPPENS! With a camera in one hand and a coffee and smile in the other. Just Living. Positively.

(All images on this blog are my own, unless it’s a quote, in which case i will credit whomever i need to)


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