Come inside my dears…..

introduction to my fascination and passion for the dark psychology and messed up world of horror, crime and thriller!!! … More Come inside my dears…..


Life Happens…..

Ahh life…… It gets away with you. I think it secretly enjoys passing by in the blink of an eye… Work has been busy and time-consuming and even though that is ok with me, it does make me want to get away!! This year i have an Edinburgh Adventure planned with my significant other and … More Life Happens…..

Discovering Myself through Words…Part 2

Hello!  So the past couple of weeks I have been busy working, reading (currently reading The Secret Life of Bees) pottering about with daily chores, girly shopping for my sisters prom dress, binge watching the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (finished in 24hour period) finished The Walking Dead season 5 and also working my … More Discovering Myself through Words…Part 2