Life Happens…..

Ahh life…… It gets away with you. I think it secretly enjoys passing by in the blink of an eye… Work has been busy and time-consuming and even though that is ok with me, it does make me want to get away!! This year i have an Edinburgh Adventure planned with my significant other and … More Life Happens…..

DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD….Be a decent human being instead

CONTENT WARNING : I am about to post something rather out of the ordinary, rather rude,definitely  offensive and very foul language. I talk briefly of the sex industry and what i witness as a modern women. Its a random mixture of opinions and comments from me.  I may be quiet, but i am also SOMEWHAT … More DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD….Be a decent human being instead

I am a Waitress #1

Hello fellow human beings…..I refer to you as human beings for a reason. A very simple reason. I AM A HUMAN BEING.  And this means that I have feelings. I have cognitive intelligence. I have a life. I can reason. I have the ability to make decisions and rationalise….. But I also have every capability … More I am a Waitress #1