DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD….Be a decent human being instead

CONTENT WARNING : I am about to post something rather out of the ordinary, rather rude,definitely  offensive and very foul language. I talk briefly of the sex industry and what i witness as a modern women. Its a random mixture of opinions and comments from me.  I may be quiet, but i am also SOMEWHAT … More DO NOT FOLLOW THE HERD….Be a decent human being instead

I am a Waitress #1

Hello fellow human beings…..I refer to you as human beings for a reason. A very simple reason. I AM A HUMAN BEING.  And this means that I have feelings. I have cognitive intelligence. I have a life. I can reason. I have the ability to make decisions and rationalise….. But I also have every capability … More I am a Waitress #1

“The Man in the High Castle” 

OMG!  Is anyone watching this?  I am on episode 6 and am absolutely encaptured… By the characters, the historic references, the actors, the setting, the suspense, the mystery, the intrigue, the secrets, the brutality, the relationships, the hierarchy, the corruption and the attention to detail…. By detail I mean HOW they have envisioned and created … More “The Man in the High Castle”